Grocery shopping can get a bit crazy for anyone during this time of year; just ask local resident Scott Shreves.

Representing Abundant Harvest as part of the Emporia Rotary Club’s Grocery Grab at Good's CashSaver Saturday morning, Shreves secured a grand total of $683.13 in food items for the organization over the course of a frantic, five-minute race against the clock.

The opportunity began with a single-minute pit stop in the store’s meat section before opening to a more free-form exploration of each aisle, which, for Shreves, meant a chance to focus on finding the highest-quality boxed meals, canned foods and other non-perishable food items typically needed and requested by visitors to the pantry.

“I actually came in here with a game plan just in case I was selected for the actual grab,” Shreves said, referring to the five other contestants that went home with $50 gift cards as part of the drawing. “There were things I was able to get a lot of, like spices and boxed meals, which are going to go a long way for us and are always something we need. I think our people are really going to appreciate some of the meat products I was able to grab, too. It was hard not to feel a bit overwhelmed, but I just wanted to stay focused and grab as much as I could, because every little bit helps.”

For Rotary Club Vice President Alex Mosakowski, the day marked yet another example of the Emporia community’s generosity, something which he said had been even more present during the pandemic.

“This is one of the events that Rotary members really look forward to every year, and we’re especially thankful for Good's CashSaver for being such a willing and ready participant again,” Mosakowski said. “It’s definitely different from other fundraisers like an auction or dinner, because with this, you see the direct impact of the donations right away.”

Moving forward, the more than 6,000 raffle tickets purchased for this year’s drawing will mean an additional $5,000 in funding for the club’s initiatives and various charitable projects in the coming months, as well.

“Knowing that it’s going to go to a good cause this year just makes everything more special, and all the tickets are going to help us in our community initiatives, projects, and all the scholarships we hand out,” Mosakowski said. “We typically try to do some big project each year like we’ve done in the past with improving the girl scout camp, Camp Alexander, the SOS shelter house and the Lyon County History Center. So, we’ll be looking at where the need is in the community again next year and using these funds to help meet those needs.”

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