The Emporia Gazette

No major injuries were reported Monday after an injury accident at the 500 block of Wilson St.

Emporia First Responders were dispatched to the location at approximately 11:42 a.m. At the scene, it was determined that a black Nissan was northbound on Wilson Street and a blue Dodge Ram Pickup was westbound on 5th Avenue when the Nissan failed to yield the right of way at an uncontrolled intersection and collided with the Dodge.

The drivers may have sustained minor injuries, according to on-scene Officer Justin Hill. No transports took place.

Hill reminds the community that when entering an uncontrolled intersection, yield to the vehicle on your right.

Citations were issued.

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Wouldn't hurt anything if people quit texting and playing with their phones. Then possibly they could see things the rest of do.


All towns have uncontrolled intersection’s. If you are a defensive driver then and controlled intersections should not be a problem for you. If you’re an aggressive driver then you will have problems with those intersections. Defensive driving is the only way to drive.



An uncontrolled intersection has no stop or yield signs for either road. Therefore they are uncontolled.


You can't always see whether the cross traffic at an intersection has a stop or yield sign nor should you have to. That was my point. Every intersection in town should be controlled.


How are you suppose to know that an intersection is uncontrolled? Unless you are familiar with every intersection you cannot know if cross traffic has sign unless pause at every intersection in which you do not have sign. How a town as old as Emporia hasn't managed to post a stop sign or yield sign at every intersection seems irresponsible.


I agree 1000%

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