Emporia Senior Center

The Emporia Senior Center announced it will began reopening its doors by appointment only beginning June 1.

“We will proceed slowly and cautiously in a continued effort to protect Lyon County seniors and the organization itself,” Executive Director Ian Boyd said in a written release.

The senior center will allow increased numbers of members to gather beginning June 8 — or when Gov. Laura Kelly begins Phase III of the Ad Astra state reopening plan.

Boyd said the senior center will begin coordinating additional times with Hermes Healthcare PA for those seeking foot care, to assist seniors with nail trimming callus reduction, ingrown nail removal and wound care.

“All patients should contact Hermes Healthcare directly at 316-260-4110 to schedule their appointments, or if they have any questions pertaining to this specific clinic,” Boyd said. “We are facing multiple challenges, but we are committed to our mission. Both our staff and members are fearful of illness by contact, even though our services are vital to the community. Our staff and members have had to learn to work virtually, and some do not have access to the internet or technology.

“Funding is our greatest concern as we will continue to address the pandemic crisis; shifting resources to adapt to remote work and virtual programming that support our members to having access to healthcare, socialization, and recreational activities.”

Boyd said it was important to remember that older adults have been “significantly impacted” by the novel coronavirus.

“If you or your corporation are looking for a way to make a difference for them, I encourage you to donate today,” he said. “The Emporia Senior Center is here for you. Thank you to all who have continued to support our organization. Not only is your generosity greatly appreciated, but your patience and understanding during this difficult time.”

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