The Emporia Gazette

No major injuries were reported after an APAC Shears semi-truck overturned in the US Highway 50 roundabout Wednesday morning.

Emporia Police Sergeant Lisa Sage told The Emporia Gazette the truck was hauling sand when it laid over on its side. Traffic heading into Emporia on W. Hwy 50 was rerouted for several hours as the scene was cleared.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas Department of Transportation assisted with traffic control.

“APAC came out with a front loader and a dump truck to get the road clear,” Sage said. “It was one of the shortest rollover accidents we have worked out there. A big thanks to LYSO and KDOT for their help.”

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The only thing wrong with that roundabout is the people that go too fast going through it. It beats the neck out of another stop light


Agreed. I’m guessing APAC will be posting a help wanted ad for a truck driver. I’m glad this driver wasn’t hurt. Just because he/she made a stupid decision, doesn’t mean he/she should get hurt.


I'm surprised the Gazette doesn't have a stock headline for this by now, seeing as how it has been going on ever since the roundabout opened. I don't know it for a fact, but I heard the person who designed the roundabout also owns a local tow company . . . Coincidence? I think not! ; )

Ma Barker

Let's face it. The roundabout was supposed to be designed by an engineer with the state transportation department. But he was tired one night and his three-year-old drew out a design that intrigued him (the kid didn't have the kind of engineering degree where you can consider the degree of slant, load weights, etc.); still, it looked good so the guy put it in his briefcase and took it to work next day and voila! how many wrecks have happened there? Grossly put, the guy should be you-know-what. Probably the same genius that drew up the plans for the Prairie Street overpass that didn't exactly "meet in the middle".


Awesome response! Yes, it is pitiful, and the cause of enough accidents that someone should be doing something to protect the public. It is horrifying to pass through there when the traffic is heavy, and worse yet when the wind is gusting. I bet if we knew how much the person got paid for the design, we'd fall over quicker than the semi-truck did!


“semi-truck overturned the roundabout“


Another article with careless grammar errors. Does anyone proofread this stuff before it’s published?


"A picture is worth a thousand words." I figured it out.

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