Chase County Commissioners hear an appropriations request from Mike Harris of the USDA Conservation District Monday morning.

The Chase County Commission heard an update on the condition of area roads following weeks of flooding Monday morning at the courthouse.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Thom Kirk said more than 160 yards of road had fallen on parts of Camp Wood Road. While the camp is accessible going from Elmdale, the road south of the camp entrance is currently closed.

“It’s about from the water’s edge, 50 or 60 yards,” he said. “It’s broken and collapsing, even up the hill. That’s one river bank failure, but it’s the big one we have.”

Because of the flooding, the river bank is now about 10 yards from the road. Kirk said they should be at least 25 yards apart.

LP Road is another road that has sustained heavy flood damage.

“All of the engineers that I’ve talked to — the bad one on Camp Wood Road now is unsafe for equipment, for pedestrians, for anything,” Kirk said. “We’ve got it closed up tight to keep everything off of it.”

Kirk said Sheriff Rich Dorneker had reached out to the BNSF Railway in hopes of avoiding long delays while roads are being repaired.

“We have no control over the railroad,” Commissioner Bill Fillmore said. “We can’t even stop them from blocking the traffic where people can’t get home for four hours.”

Kirk said he agreed, but they felt it was necessary to make the call.

He hopes to see the roads repaired quickly.

“We are going as hard as we can to kind of get things fixed up,” Kirk said. “We started with the highest traffic areas and we’re working our way out. So, we’re doing everything we can.”

Commissioners also approved a request by Fire Chief Steve Fillmore to put out a call for bids for construction of the Cedar Point Fire Station. The proposed 60-by-60 foot building will be used by both the fire department and Road and Bridge.

EMS Director Scott Harris then gave commissioners an update on his department’s latest state inspection. He said the department did well overall, but received one infraction for failing to submit patient records electronically.

“They dinged us because we are not submitting patient records to their database electronically,” he said. “We should be.”

Harris spoke with commissioners last year about upgrading equipment to enable him to submit those records electronically, but at the time the decision was made to forgo those upgrades. Harris reached out to the Kansas Board of EMS and was told there is a program available that will allow him to submit records electronically via a desktop computer.

EMTs will still fill out paper records and then Harris will submit those records electronically.

Harris also informed commissioners of an ambulance that broke down on May 24 during a call.

Mike Harris of the USDA Conservation District also presented a $17,000 appropriations request to commissioners for the 2020 budget. Chair Tony Hazelton said they would take the request under advisement as discussions continue.

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