Additional victim testimony was heard Tuesday during the second day of trial for a former Emporia chiropractor charged with sex crimes against female patients.

The alleged victim testified that while she was receiving treatment to areas of her neck and back on Feb. 15, 2018, Dr. Eric Hawkins reached beneath her pants and massaged her buttocks and upper thigh without consent. The alleged victim said she noticed Hawkins had an erection immediately after the incident and that he proceeded to embrace her — again without consent or prior warning — twice, once while she was still on the examination table and again before she left the exam room.

“He went below my hip bone, like against my inner thigh down a few inches and started rubbing there,” the alleged victim testified.

“You indicated that you were afraid when that happened, what exactly was it that made you afraid?” asked Assistant County Attorney Carissa Brinker.

“I didn’t think he should ever do that without asking me or telling me why he was doing it, especially as a man,” the alleged victim continued. “It was the most afraid I’ve ever been in my life.”

Separate testimonies from the alleged victim’s father, roommate and friends independently confirmed how distressed she behaved on the day of the supposed incident.

“She was a wreck,” the roommate testified. “She was bawling; her whole bed was shaking. Me and [a friend] didn’t know what else to do but ask her what happened. She was hyperventilating, it took her like 30 seconds for it to come out. She couldn’t talk she was crying so bad.”

“She texted me, ‘I don’t want to go to this chiropractor,’” added the alleged victim’s father. ‘Today, he made me feel so uncomfortable. I need to talk to you about it, it wasn’t OK.’ ...[When I called her] she was bawling … I said, ‘What do you want to do?’ and she said, ‘Go to the police.’”

After meeting with officers and detectives from the Emporia Police Department in the following days, the alleged victim and her father were instructed to return to Hawkins’ practice to collect medical records. Records were obtained for around 15 to 20 of the alleged victim’s prior visits to the office, but no visit review was filed for the day of the alleged incident.

Having obtained a search warrant on March 6, Emporia Police Detective David Holmes requested the same documents, finding a report for the day in question had been filed sometime between the two record searches. The newly-found report mentioned additional procedures involving the alleged victim’s sacrum, the bone which connects to the coccyx or “tailbone,” which had not appeared in previous appointment reviews. Holmes also recovered a transaction receipt from the Feb. 15 visit.

“Could you draw any conclusions for the review of those audit logs?” asked Defense Attorney Christopher M. Joseph.

“To me, it appeared the record had been changed after the fact,” Holmes said.

Testimony in the trial of Eric Hawkins resumed at 9 a.m. Wednesday in the Lyon County Courthouse. Jury deliberation could begin as early as Wednesday afternoon.

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This is what I know, and it is does not just apply to this case.

1. All people are to be considered innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt

that they are guilty of a crime.

2. Always follow the Billy Graham rule when dealing with someone of the opposite

sex that is not your spouse.

3. All people should be heard, but not always believed.


How about practice the rule of self control instead of Pence rule. I hate how people are even commenting on the legitimacy of this trial when it is not even over. Imagine if the victims were actually assaulted and read these comments. Wait until the trial is over to post your thoughts.


Can not speak about Pence rule??? The Billy Graham rule was to protect Rev Graham from even the look of impropriety, and false accusations, I do not think Rev Graham had a self control issue. As for my two other points, I stand by them, and they would apply to any case, or hearing.


"He said, she said." I thought doctors usually wore a lab coat type thing that would cover the "area" of an erection should one be present. Are chiropractors different? This is a serious crime to be convicted of, and frankly, I knew of someone here that was raped and went to trial, and none of it was ever reported in the Gazette, and no it did not involve a minor. I see the possibility of a conduct issue from a professional standpoint in not following proper protocol when dealing with a patient, but criminal beyond a shadow of a doubt, I'm not seeing it. I just keep thinking if all the rapes were publicized that maybe others would have come forward to support their allegations. So............


There has been more than one victim, not just this testimony.


They only came forward after the alleged incident was reported in the news. Imagine how many total female patients this person has seen in the past, and a total of 3, 2 only after hearing about the alleged incident, and not with similar incidents. Remember the witch trials? Many came forward. In our country, one is still supposed to get a fair trial which means that if you decide before the trial on guilt, it really isn't fair. I see that it took awhile to choose the jury, probably because so many had heard about it in the news. Generally, rapes don't seem to make the news like that. Just sayin'. A few or more than a few were ready to lynch the chiropractor based on an accusation, and that isn't the way we do things in a civilized society. It really makes me wonder about people here and others should be concerned that if accused, they make be facing a lynching before the trial begins.


These pro-rape Trump supporters are getting ridiculous. Lab coats to cover erections? I really don't think that's the purpose of a lab coat. And yes, chiropractors are different... Lab coats are to protect you from chemicals and splatter... not to hide your erection from your patients. I'm not surprised to see you here defending him though, since you are of the opinion that if a girl shows up and gets sexually assaulted, then she was asking for it. Or does that only apply to girls who show up to see Trump?

Google image search chiropractor. How many lab coats do you see? One. And it's being worn by a woman! Maybe she is a transgender and requires a labcoat?


The physicians I have had wear a lab type coat over their clothing, maybe not in Emporia though, so your world may be limited. Did I say that they were to hide an erection? No, I did not, but if one were wearing one, an erection, especially in an aging man, most likely not be visible to someone. I am not defending him, I am hoping he gets a fair trial. If I remember correctly, he wasn't born and bred here, and I know that can make a difference. I did not say the young woman was asking for anything, especially since the only ones that know what happened in that room were the chiropractor and the alleged victim. If you were there, you really need to let them know so that you can testify as to what happened. Yeah, you weren't there were you? I know of no incident involving President Trump and girls, and in this case, I think you are thinking of President Clinton and girls or maybe Joe McFeelThemUp Biden as he gropes women and little girls in video - google for it as their is a video displaying his many groping incidents. You should consider a course in reading comprehension.


There was no allegation of rape in this story. Smock, many medical people wear a smock-type garment over their clothing when at work. So, this is TDS in action, everything goes back to Trump. You liberals just crack me up with your one track mind! Seriously, get over it! Now everything has to do with Trump. Does Crosswinds treat TDS? Obsession over anything just isn't good for the mind or soul! It is funny and also sad that no matter what is discussed, liberals constantly insert President Trump into the conversation. I'll tell you again, concentrate on digging up a viable candidate in your "party", because no one is listening to you repeating the same old crap again and again. You all deserve a President Pence, a nice hardcore Christian conservative!


Lol, you are just too silly. Smocks aren't for hiding erections either. TDS is just a made up thing, and I don't have any political "party". I support plenty of stuff Trump does, I just dislike the sexual assaults and racism is all. I understand you die hards have to support him 100%, but that's not who I am. I certainly don't support any chiropractor wearing any sort of garment to hide an erection either, but that's just me. And the last thing we need is a "hardcore christian conservative", we are trying to slow down sexual abuse, not ramp it up!

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