Road work

Utility Solutions will have the 10 block of East Fourth Ave (Fourth Avenue between Commercial Street and Mechanic Street) shut down for the rest of the week for sewer repair.

Construction at the intersections of Sixth Avenue with Commercial Street and Merchant Street began Nov. 25. Traffic has remained open to the area, with some restrictions in place.

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Have you folks noticed who has been "elected" to be the main gee-haw of Ignite Emporia? What with this individual being on the city commission, the RDA board, & who knows what-else, it sure looks a little incestuous to me.


The downtown project needs to be wrapped up immediately. It's been long enough. People wonder how much of this is for the city and how much of this is to the benefit of the new business going in at the old bank location.


Wow! I figured there was a lot of jealousy going on with regard to the new project, but now I see it is rearing its ugly head. Did you ever figure that new businesses would benefit Emporia in the long run by increasing tax collections? Or are you one of those who think we should just leave it alone because it always worked in the past, whatever that means. Have you yourself ever thought of making improvements to this city, especially in that area? Ever put a dime towards such a project? Ever think about the future and how accommodations are to be made for electronics, etc.?


Most likely it is for the new business, who probably will get some kind of tax breaks. "They take care of their own with the taxpayers' money is the way it usually plays out." Also, I don't see any of these businesses really expanding the tax base as in providing jobs that pay a living wage. Also, watch "Ignite Emporia" suck down funding that could have been used better elsewhere. Those that invest in real estate, both business and residential, want improvements paid for by the taxpayers to increase the value of their properties. Anyone with a clue of how small government works in the "backwoods" knows what I am talking about. Watch and learn as it unfolds with more and more "need to grow" and the taxpayers to put the money out before the growth can happen, and the growth won't put money in the pockets of the taxpayers here.




Aye, I agree with you on "Ignite Emporia" sucking down funding. We need to keep a watchful eye on those guys who talk big game yet only bring home rabbits and squirrels.

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