Lyon County saw 21 new positives and zero recoveries — the largest increase in new cases of COVID-19 in several weeks — in Lyon County Public Health’s first data report since Friday.

There are now 81 active cases of the novel coronavirus.

There have been 1,151 positives reported since March, including 1,032 recoveries and 37 deaths. Four additional deaths are pending review at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Four people are currently hospitalized.

A cluster related to colleges and universities is the only active cluster with six active cases, out of 65 total infections, as of Monday afternoon.

The local jump comes as Kansas recorded another record spike in cases since Friday.

The state saw an average of 736 new cases for the seven days ending Monday. Since Friday, the state added 2,055 new confirmed and probable coronavirus cases, an increase of 3.1%, to bring the total for the pandemic to 67,862. The number of COVID-19-related deaths increased by eight to 771.

Dr. Lee Norman, the head of the state health department, predicted earlier this month that the state’s reporting of new cases could increase to as many as 900 a day on average in the coming months.

The actual number of cases is thought to be much higher because people can be infected without feeling ill or they may have only minor symptoms, and because of a lack of testing, particularly early in the pandemic.

Among the cases, health officials are blaming 100 outbreaks on K-12 schools, colleges and athletics, with 1,452 infections.

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Hollowed Ground

Trump recently slammed NZ for it's "surge" in Covid infections. Typical Trump garbage. At the time the "surge" was 13 cases! A national lockdown in March led to zero new cases for over 3 months. Zero. She lifted restrictions and later, the 13-case surge occurred. She re-imposed a lockdown and the surge disappeared. She has stamped out Covid outright. See? Lockdowns work. You don't stop a virus in a pandemic by offering it new hosts. You stop it by denying it new hosts, something business owners, Republicans, college students and fools cannot grasp.



Gary Lukert

How can this be so, because the Right Reverend, Donald--the Bully Thug--Trump told us Covid-19 would disappear magically. Was first to be by May 1st, then September 1st. You mean it is Still with us?


I guess the masks didn't work. Bummer.

I'm sure the city commissioners will extend the mask mandate anyway.


If you truly believe Lyon County would still only have 81 cases if nobody wore any masks, you're an idiot. I get you've already went full blown anti-masker, and it's hard to admit when you're wrong, but come on, to say masks don't work just shows you're an idiot. My better half works around covid infected people 12 hours at a time and has yet to get sick... there is zero doubt that masks work.


Look no further than events like the front porch concerts. Few to no masks were present.


You've gone scorched earth again. Right on time.

You should learn that you lose your argument when you come across as a screeching banshee. People just learn to tune you out.


Increased infection numbers is not evidence "the masks didn't work." Look to the scientific literature. Look to the informed opinions of epidemiologists and virologists. These are places where you will find evidence of how well masking works.


So what your suggesting is that we should research ourselves and not eat spoon fed propaganda? I applaud you Rationa1! Maybe (High_Aim) should see what's out there besides the mainstream narrative!



If "look to the scientific literature" means "the masks didn't work", then you didn't actually read any scientific literature, or at least not the current science on masks. I too would encourage you to look to the informed opinions of epidemiologists and virologists, not me or anybody else. The only reason this argument is happening is because YOU are disagreeing with the science.


Packrat, I infer from Aim's posts that they are well-informed on the content of the scientific literature. A clear consensus exists that masks are effective. Watchman's post establishes a straw man argument against use of masks. Forever's argument derives its conclusion from anecdotal evidence for which they assuming multiple facts not in evidence.

Either way, the consensus in the scientific literature is clear: masks reduce transmission of COVID-19. BTW, thank you for accepting the conclusions of trained and experienced scientists over the internet ponderings of political pseudo-philosophers.


So your "logic" is that what happens locally is not evidence enough?

You discounted local experience and data.

So you're the kind of person who tests to see which way the wind is blowing then become part of the echo chamber. How courageous.


Not true, Watchman. Local evidence and data represents local experience, but is not representative of the state, the Midwest, the nation, or the world. Generalizing Lyon County data to the nation at large falls prey to the "hasty generalization" fallacy. Arguing that infections have increased after a mask mandate was instituted is also a straw man argument, given that 1) compliance with the mandate has been rather low, and 2) a rather large number of individuals have stated both within the Gazette pages and on social media that they travel frequently to other communities that do not have mask mandates. The issue is not that masks don't work--the issue is that so many of our friends and neighbors have circumvented their use.


Sounds like you dusted off an old textbook.

Your explanation does not address the premise that the local data does not support the theory that masks are effective. You stated that the local data does not reflect state data. You just supported my assertion that the local mandate is unnecessary since the local data does not reflect a need for a mandate. I said nothing about a statewide mandate.

But since you brought it up,

I imagine Governor Kelly is desperately searching for a way to completely shut the state down. She does nothing else in Topeka. What else has she accomplished other than finding a face mask that matches her ensemble? I would hope the *ahem* fashionable governor would spend her time working to restart the KS economy and lead. Instead she finds a podium and with muffled nasality, she threatens counties by saying they better get the Covid numbers down or else. What is the "or else"? Is that how someone who works for the people should speak to the people? Frankly she did nothing before Covid so I guess it has given her something to do. Constructing statements with a stated or implied "or else" must take a lot of time because that's all she does.


I didn't even open a recent textbook, Watchman. I have been a researcher and I understand data and when it is being used properly and improperly. I believe you are sincere, Watchman. That is why I point out when you misuse data and rhetoric. Incidentally, you did bring up non-local data when wrote that I discounted local data. I merely explained that local data is only local data and cannot be generalized beyond the locale where it was collected. We are experiencing a national epidemic and a global pandemic. Local solutions don't work so well when state and national interests are at stake. Our national leaders have abdicated their responsibility to lead in a time of crisis. Many state leaders have followed their lead.

Hollowed Ground

Remember, he never indicated any particular year. You can never go wrong predicting something will happen if don't have to say when it will happen.

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