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Lyon County Emergency Management Director Jarrod Fell speaks with Lyon County Commissioners Thursday morning.

County commissioners formally approved the proposed public safety radio project and heard quarterly reports from members of the Flint Hills Community Health Center during a regularly-scheduled meeting Thursday.

Lyon County Emergency Management Director Jarrod Fell approached commissioners with an updated final project cost from Motorola Solutions, also receiving approval for an initial $660,000 down payment on discussed tower and equipment leases — which could last seven years. Fell added that the new radios and accompanying systems would most likely be completely ready for use by next summer.

“The pricing for the project itself is a total of $5,163,564,” Fell said. “However, that includes the post-warranty for years two through five. The post-warranty itself of those years is $550,876. The City of Emporia radios total $801,775. So, once you remove those two costs, we’re looking at $3,810,913. The consideration is for the entire service agreement, lease and licensing fees, so that’s where you get the total amount.”

“Out of the entire lease agreement, we’re going to do $1.5 million out of the General Fund, which is property tax,” County Controller Dan Williams said. “Those are funds carried forward from previous years. It’s excess cash, we’re not adding any property tax to that. The rest will be paid through sales tax.”

Commissioners said although they realized the price of the project was a steep one, the new radios would serve to provide a major benefit for the community at large over the coming years.

“It’s a tremendous cost, but we owe it to our first responders and our citizens to get these types of things done,” Commissioner Dan Slater said. “We’ve had tornadoes in the recent past, and we’ll probably have some in the future. For whatever reason, we’ve been having those tornadoes replaced by a lot of flooding over the past few years. I’m not really sure if that’s a good tradeoff or not, but being able to communicate with everyone in those types of instances and other, smaller emergencies is especially important.”

In other business, Flint Hills Community Health Center Environmental Services Director Jennifer Milburn offered brief updates on the organization’s quarterly business. Among seeing increases in child care licensing and addressing other issues such as the epidemic of vaping-related illnesses, Milburn reported the center had also received positive financial news throughout the past three months.

“The last report that we had at our quarterly staff meeting shows that we should be ending the year in the positive,” Millburn said. “It’s very, very good news. We’re kind of out of the emergency response phase [of our financial recovery plan], so we’re now in the planning-for-the-future phase.”

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KB Thomas

The Pentagon has awarded Microsoft a 10 billion contract to use artificial intelligence in a system that will store vast amounts of classified data.

KB Thomas

One question I have is this 5 million dollar communications system a part of theU.S. Government spy grid which knows almost everything about us? Please review 27 quotes from Edward Snowden about U.S. Government spying. Next review Local Police Take The Eye of Big Brother and Spy on Americans by Sean Nevins.

Joy Frevert

Thank you County Commissioners for formally approving the proposed public safety radio project. If you haven't been affected by a tornado or flood, or even a straight wind, you may not think this is worth the money but I can tell you how frustrated Rick was, every night, while working the Reading tornado. Not near enough communication. Old equipment back then was a problem. Complaints coming in about slow response by emergency personnel was a lot of times due to radios or towers being out. Thank you for taking care of the City of Emporia and Lyon County.

Joy Frevert

KB Thomas

This 5 million dollar investment in my opinion will lead to a intelligence agency style information gathering aimed at the public and political activists against the New World Order. Review Tom D'Ambra Telecommunications Act of 1996. And remember your government is your responsibilty.

KB Thomas

To me, this sounds like a Big Btother deal, George Orwell's 1984. Nuff said.

Alphonse Sicard

How do?

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