Three people were killed and two children hurt after a two-vehicle head on collision near Hillsboro in Marion County, Friday afternoon.

The Emporia Gazette

HILLSBORO — An Emporia couple were killed during a head-on crash in Marion County, Friday afternoon.

According to KAKE and the Kansas Highway Patrol, the crash occurred around noon on U.S. 56 just east of Hillsboro and involved two vehicles.

A Dodge Caravan driven by 30-year-old Nathan Puett was traveling eastbound on Hwy 56 when he went left of the center and struck a Ford F-150 driven by 70-year-old James Potter of Emporia.

Puett, Potter and Potter’s passenger — 61-year-old Jody Potter of Emporia — were all killed in the collision.

Two children in the Caravan suffered serious injuries in the collision and were transported the hospital.

KHP said a trailer being pulled by one of the vehicles caught fire and several greyhounds died. KAKE reports it’s believed 20 greyhounds were in the trailer and the rest are injured or fled the area. The dogs have not yet been recovered.

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What happened to the days we would all bend a knee and pray for the family’s that lost their loved one? It’s sad that anyone can say negative things like this. (Traveling bomb) really! Jack@$$!!!! There is 2 family’s that are in such pain right now and you got to post crap like that? Next time think about what you post because one day this might be you. Your kids or grandkids will have to read a stupid comment from someone else. How about you say something nice if your going to post anything at all! What has our world come to! I pray for the kids in both vehicles and I pray for Jim’s family that was behind him and had to watch this! I couldn’t imagine what they will have to deal with for the rest of their life! God be with all families dealing with such a big loss.

Caring heart

Well said. Prayers sent to all


Prayers for the families of these people. It doesn't really mater who, what , why or how. Two families are devastated by this.

Comment deleted.
Caring heart

Why would you say these things the pickup and trailer had just as much rights to be on the road as anyone elce. And the dogs was there pride and joy they had just sa much rights to haul them no different then a farmer hauling cows down the road. How would you know they must of been carrying alot of gasoline maybe just a full tank because of traveling. People like you make me sick, you should be praying for family and friends.

Comment deleted.

There wasn't 20 dogs "stuffed" in a trailer, his trailer was specifically made for dogs and they were well cared for. And there's no reason to believe he "must have been carrying lots of gasoline"... maybe a spare gas can, as many rural folks do. A "traveling bomb" is very far from reality. They had no fault as the other driver crossed the line and hit them... to say something like "Had the pickup not been in that very spot it is likely this would have been just another cross-into-the-ditch rollover" is pretty insensitive... you shouldn't blame the victim.

Comment deleted.

A Dodge Caravan driven by 30-year-old Nathan Puett was traveling eastbound on Hwy 56 when he went left of the center and struck a Ford F-150 driven by 70-year-old James Potter of Emporia. The 'traveling bomb' it seems was on the correct side of the road ......Question will be what the other driver did to go into the wrong lane. Prayers for both families

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