Chase County Commissioners will consider vacating a portion of ZZ Road between 280 and 270 Roads following a viewing of the area Monday morning.

Commissioner Bill Fillmore said residents Tom and Corinne Patterson requested the road be vacated. The Pattersons own land on either side of the road and, if vacated, they would be able to remove fencing from the property.

Other landowners in the area, however, were concerned about what that would mean for a road they also use.

“We use this road every day,” Chris Dold said during the viewing. “I hope you don’t close it.”

The road, which sustained heavy flood damage recently, has been classified as minimum maintenance for decades. The north end of the road was in poor condition Monday, with evidence of flooding still visible.

Dold asked if any estimates had been done to see how much it would cost to fix the ditches.

“We would have to hire an engineering firm to do that,” Fillmore said. “When you start hinting at something like that, you have no idea how many hours you’re going to have. You have no idea how much gravel you’re going to have, and you’re using just a ‘guessitimate,’ and ‘guesstimate’ sometimes gets you into a lot of trouble.”

Dold suggested running a road grader down the stretch of road to help even it out, but commissioners were concerned that more flooding would cause the problems to resurface. The family then offered to do the work themselves provided the county would loan them a blade. Due to liability issues, that is not an option.

Another resident, Mark Gibbons, was also hopeful the commission would not vacate the road. He said he rides his bike on the road and sees other people use it often.

“My opinion is, to vacate you must show it has no usable purpose,” he said. “I think the road has use.”

Commissioners are expected to make a decision on the road on June 28.

Chase County Jail Administrator Larry Sigler then informed commissioners that the jail’s LPN had resigned. Sigler and the commission went into an executive session to discuss negotiations with the jail’s registered nurse. No action was taken.

Commissioners also approved a $30,000 bid form Heartland Masonry for stone pointing at the courthouse.

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