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Employees at Emporia’s Detroit Reman plant reported lay-offs Tuesday morning, with a complete plant shutdown expected by the end of the year.

The plant, located at 840 Overlander Rd., employs 113 people.

An employee told The Emporia Gazette that the lay-offs are expected to happen in phases through December, with the first round expected to be complete by April.

Detroit Reman’s parent company, Daimler Trucks North America, said the move is being made to consolidate its production footprint.

A Rapid Response team consisting of representatives from the City of Emporia, Lyon County, the Regional Development Association, Emporia State University, Flint Hills Technical College, the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and state legislators Jeff Longbine and Mark Schreiber were scheduled to meet Wednesday morning. Any assistance for impacted employees provided by the Rapid Response team will be announced following that meeting.

Employees were made aware of the company’s plans during a Tuesday morning meeting.

The company, which remanufactures and rebuilds diesel engines, previously cut 75 jobs in Aug. 2009. At the time, it was reported the jobs would be moved to another facility.

In 2014, the company expanded with an 80,000-square foot warehouse facility. The work was completed in 2016.

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I was born and raised in the county and received my business degree from ESU. After watching businesses fail in Emporia and putting what I learned into practice, I couldn't get out of Emporia fast enough. I've been gone now 20+ years and I hate seeing news releases like this. Good luck Emporia.


It's a tough loss. I hope and pray these families are able to find employment so they aren't forced to relocate. Let's go Emporia!


Just another nail in Emporia's coffin. Fast food and retail won't do much good if people aren't working to afford those luxeries. What happens to a factory town when the factories all close?


You said the naughty phrase, "factory town." 40 years ago when we moved here, that phrase was whispered to us by a real estate agent as he showed us several houses for sale. At the time, I didn't fully realize what he meant or why it was whispered. There is a faction in this town that don't like that reference. Is that why they keep bringing in fast food and small retail? Your comment certainly has impact.


I think many of us would like to understand why they keep bringing in fast food and small retail. Is that better than nothing? Probably not since the customer base won't expand some of the businesses will end up closing their doors, more empty businesses just sitting there. I also wonder how much "freebies" these incoming retail and restaurants command that might have been pooled to keep or recruit businesses that pay a living wage.


I believe that is a question for the RDA if a reporter could get them to answer without them tooting their horn like they did in the last article. Perhaps a reporter needs to find the stones to ask the hard questions of the RDA. On another note, someone is doing great business. Has anyone noticed all the giant windmill equipment in the rail yards? You can get a good glimpse of them if you drive the overpass just east of Tyson. Just Tuesday I caught sight of all the windmills out on the prairie east of us. What a glorious site. Some may think otherwise, but the results of those windmills can hardly be argued with. They represent 30 percent of energy being produced I'm told. That makes them glorious.


RA. Thank you for that tongue in cheek humor! I needed this! Sad for Detroit employees, many whom have given this company many years of dedicated, honest work. Too bad the company heads have decided to consolidate to save money or whatever. I would think they would save more money on taxes etc in a smaller town.


Why does Herrmann still have a job? We have lost more jobs in this town since he has been downtown. I these job losses are not his fault but what had he brought in? Fast foods sorry but big whoop!

He is not earning the money we are paying . In the real world if your are not producing you are gone!!


I was surprised that he was only hearing "buzz" since I thought, well in a previous county where we resided, that the RDA interfaced with local businesses on a continuous basis to be ahead of happenings, needs, desires, etc. Wasn't there an article yesterday saying how well the RDA was doing, just after "Ignite Emporia" received funding? Now, today, a business is closing. Ah..................


I’m sure this is Obama's fault... our Great Leader Donald Trump should be flying in soon to rescue us. Rumor is the pep rally for “ The Donald” will be Friday night at the Auditorium.

Reception to follow at a leading Republicans home.

Anyone wishing to request an Executive pardon should submit it in writing to the Lyon County Republican Party.

We are saved.... Alleluia!


Actually, that is done at the local level, and they are probably relocating, not actually closing a business. RDA and "Ignite Emporia" would be the ones most likely if there is any intervention to try to see if something could be worked out. If not, those same two entities should begin attempting to recruit someone else to occupy the space.

As most know, many businesses consolidate or go to a city or state where they can get the best benefits, thus the reason that putting a lot of tax dollars into developing retail isn't always the best way to go when a city or state have limited funds (taxpayer dollars) available. A lot of this is basic economics, encourage the high school here to teach it!


RDA needs to be having a discussion with them to see what it might take to keep the company here rather than working to bring in more restaurants and retail.

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