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The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer involved shooting that happened Thursday afternoon, Jan. 23, along I-35 in northern Chase County.

The Kansas Highway Patrol requested KBI assistance at approximately 1:45 p.m. and KBI agents and the crime scene response team responded.

KHP troopers from Troops N and ESU were attempting to locate a wanted suspect, identified early Friday as 40-year-old Dustin S. Schultz-Bergin of Olathe, when they came into contact with him at the Matfield Green Service Area on I-35. Schultz-Bergin fled in a black Nissan Altima heading north. A pursuit ensued, and a trooper in a separate vehicle was able to deploy stop sticks ahead of his car. This caused the car to become disabled near mile marker 107 — 20 miles south of the Emporia tollgate.

Preliminary information indicates that at approximately 1:25 p.m., Schultz-Bergin exited his vehicle and a confrontation occurred, which led one of the two troopers on scene to fire shots. A K-9 was also utilized. Schultz-Bergin sustained at least one gunshot wound and several puncture wounds from the K-9. No troopers were injured.

EMS responded to the scene, and the suspect was transported to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. He is currently in critical condition.

The KBI will conduct a thorough and independent investigation into the shooting. Once completed the findings will be turned over to the Chase County Attorney for review. This investigation is ongoing.

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I've found the chances of being injured by any member of law enforcement is drastically reduced when the person does exactly what the officer tells them to do. I don't think officers chase cars just to be chasing them. Does any car chase make sense? I've also learned from experience that once a patrol car has its emergency lights on, it's best to immediately pull over to the side. Trigger happy? How do you know this? Were you there?


The article didn't say what the suspect was wanted for nor did it say what charges he is currently under. Basically, all we have is that the officers shot someone. Everything else is just a statement by the officer.

However, it appears the troopers were overly trigger happy. Hopefully, they had body cameras in working order. Too often, the officer claims the camera failed for some reason.

Also, the story doesn't make sense. Why would somebody try to run on the turnpike? It's just a straight road without any exits until Emporia.


Chris Rock has an excellent youtube clip on how not to get shot by the "cops", and it starts with not running from the police. It contains excellent advice. There is no reason in the world that law enforcement should not protect themselves against people who insist on breaking our laws. "Armed suspect" and "confrontation occurred", so not surprised by the outcome. Seriously, suspect should have known better than to try that. Again, law enforcement has the right and really an obligation to protect themselves.


[sad]"confrontation occurred" is a phrase we should be suspicious of if anything. Notice, it's in the passive voice, and it doesn't specifically say who did anything. If the driver shot at or aimed at the officers, then say that. If the officers shot the driver without cause, then say that. (But, of course, The Gazette wouldn't say that because it puts the officers in the wrong.) And, BTW, where is the officer's name? Was he/she at least put on administrative leave?

Maybe another article on this story is coming.

James Bordonaro

The reporter's statement that the KBI will conduct a thorough investigation seems more of an opinion than actual fact.


The actual sentence in the article was "KBI will conduct a thorough and independent investigation..." It's imposable for KBI to be "independent" since it was involved. The whole country needs a truly independent force that looks into law enforcement. The current system of having police investigate themselves is a joke.

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