Lyon County Public Health reported eight new cases of the novel coronavirus Monday afternoon, in its first report since Thursday.

Health officials also reported three new recoveries, bringing the county’s current active caseload to 27 — up five from last week. Lyon County has now recorded 510 cases of COVID-19 and has reported 475 recoveries and seven deaths.

There is currently one hospitalization listed for Lyon County patients.

Monday’s report comes after the state set another record for its worst two-week spike in reported novel coronavirus cases since the pandemic began. Kansas has reported more than 4,400 additional coronavirus cases, an increase of more than 35 percent, in the last two weeks.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reported 982 more confirmed coronavirus cases since Friday, an increase of 6 percent that brought the total to 16,901. It also reported another three COVID-19-related deaths to bring the total for the pandemic to 280.

Gov. Laura Kelly, in an effort to combat the resurgence of new cases, issued a mandate for people to wear masks in public. Her order took effect Friday, however, the state’s 105 counties can opt out under state law.

Last week, Lyon County Commissioners opted to stay in the county’s current public health order, which expires Thursday. Commissioners will be working with health officials and other agencies on a new health order this week.

Both Chase and Greenwood counties opted to override the mandate and gave residents a choice on whether or not to wear masks. In all cases, private businesses can choose to mandate whether or not to require staff and customers to wear masks.

According to the Associated Press, Kansas reported an average of 317 new coronavirus cases a day over the last two weeks. That was nearly 15 percent higher than the 276 for the two weeks that ended Friday, previously the largest spike.

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Hollowed Ground

Having just sickened and killed people in Tulsa, Trump and his entourage are now heading to NH to sicken and kill people there too, amid yet another torrent of lies. Of what value is this clown anyway, not to mention his enablers in Congress who line up behind him? Pray he never comes to Emporia.


Last post. Making plans to leave Emporia, and Kansas. You who choose to get on the train remember what happened in 1976. Those who will not be compliant, and wish to run for safety. Petra is a safe haven.


Wow snow, you're going to quit commenting with this account too? For someone who claims the "virus" is basically harmless, why would you need to run for "safety"? And isn't hiding in the desert a little extreme?


Alfred also compared wearing masks to Jews and the Holocaust. Lol. Bye Alfred.

Hollowed Ground

Brazil might be nice this time of year. Bolsonaro is having much success there battling the virus.


There are still people running around in public places with no masks. I heard one person walk into a store last week and when the cashier asked how he was he went into a tirade about how crappy it was he had to wear this *expletive* thing and *expletive* our governor for making him do it. I'm so tired of the idiots, the conspiracy theorists, and the arrogant. Stay home or wear a mask.


Lyon County Commissions are suppose to meet Thursday concerning the mask issue. Any chance we can follow what other counties have done and invite some Medical doctors to add to the discussion. I feel like this should be a Medical issue not a business decision.


At least the biggest anti-mask mouth has finally gotten out of here. I've noticed the anti-mask crowd in general has quieted down as the cases continue to skyrocket. Hopefully the rest will also see the error in their judgement, and start being more courteous to their fellow human.


I don't think she was ever "here" to begin with!


I think there was a name switch!


kinda stange that this virus appeared just after they tried to impeach trump


Why do only conservatives believe this crap? All sources say this isn't a man-made virus. Then you get all these "sources" from the conservatives, and it's all masks can't stop the wuhan kung-flu, event 201, micochips, Bill Gates, 5G, conspiracy nonsense. Talk about a bunch of sheep!

Hollowed Ground

Divine intervention no doubt.


Tried? Trump was impeached.


I think it's "snow" realizing she was wrong about masks, and instead of just admitting it like a big girl she decided to abandon her account. [beam]

Hollowed Ground

I have not noticed any such thing. Karens and Susans abound. None see errors in themselves, as evidenced by their posts and behaviors. Nothing will quiet them except maybe a serious coronavirus infection. All would continue to rail against mask orders and shutdowns as loudly as their ventilators would allow.


I find it sad because now she will probably just surround herself with other "educated' people in her Facebook groups. She only focused on the fact that many of the websites she posted were deemed extreme right wing, but didn't say anything about the lack of facts,lack of accurate reporting, lack of actual science, and many were just opinion pieces. Ignore the facts, stick to your opinion, call others names, and when someone questions you---RUN!!

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