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The North Lyon County School Board met Wednesday night to discuss COVID updates, as the district is now facing 23% of its students in quarantine.

This week, the district had four new positive students and 14 new students in quarantine. Fifty percent of cases are in the elementary school and 50% are in the high school. Compared to last week's cases, there were 11 positive and 60 students in quarantine. For staff, last week there were two positive cases and three in quarantine. Total, there are 74 students in quarantine out of 321 students.

“Those are concerning numbers amongst the students,” Superintendent Bob Blair said. “I think our saving grace on staff is that the majority of our staff are vaccinated.”

Blair also spoke about the update on quarantine policy for Lyon County Public Health. The close contact is still the same as it was last year, being time and distance, at 10 consecutive minutes. The quarantine and close contact is still 14 days. Some exceptions are new, such as the immunity exception because of the vaccine and previous infections.

Close contact with evidence of previous infections and people vaccinated for two weeks are exceptions to quarantine. If there are two people within 2 feet who are wearing masks, it is not considered close contact. If it is an outdoor sponsored activity and three foot distancing, and the student tests negative, they can still attend classes and extracurricular activities with a mask on.

Blair said they have 18-20 students coming in for testing who don’t use school transportation.

“That’s a really good deal to keep kids in the modified quarantine if they test negative to stay, and I know the testing isn’t pleasant because it's a nasal swab, but the kids have been getting through it.”

Blair met with six teachers, three from each campus, and shared their concerns at the meeting.

“Teachers are concerned about the numbers in quarantine and positives and kids missing school,” he said.

Many, but not all, of the teachers expressed the need for students to wear masks.

“They expressed to me they were concerned about our quarantine numbers and positives and they thought that masking might be a good time to revisit that with the board so I told them I’d bring their concerns to the board which I did tonight, and made the board aware of that,” Blair said. “I think we’re all concerned that we have a significant number of kids in quarantine because we would rather have them here in person. The board chose to continue where we are at. This board monthly discussed the COVID-19 policies we have in place and revisits those monthly, so we will be revisiting that every month as we go. I’m not going to rule out the board making decisions in the future or rule it in either because we don’t know yet.”

The board went into executive session and came back to approve a remote learning waiver for students in quarantine who have exceeded 40 hours. The board also approved the high school FFA to attend the National FFA Conference in Indianapolis Oct. 26-29.

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Putting the covid/mask argument on the back burner for a moment…. Think of the 23% of students that are stuck at home and not getting a proper education. How will this affect their future?

If masks were required, then there wouldn’t be any quarantines because masked individuals are now exempt from quarantine.

Is it really that hard to wear something over your face for a 7 hour school day? Is it going to take a child out of our school dying for this stupid school board to wake up? Go ride off in the sunset on your damn horse.

School board, we’ve already lost enough teachers because of your stupid decisions. Now’s the time to show your teachers you’re finally ready to back them up. Stop bowing to the ivermectin injecting farmers that you allow to persuade your feelings!


That's the problem, several are ivermectin injecting farmers.


It seems the main concern is students wearing a mask for Rationa 1. Have you checked out the Dane Mask Study. Now back to USD 251 ,neighbor to the south, masks are nearly O% effective and a nice way to make others think you are safe. Yes think you are safe. The only effective mask is a N95 surgical mask. So try to find another canard to throw and see if it sticks. Having our students in school is the best learning environment .Don't worry our board has a good handle on the situation and the parents have the right to say if they want their child to wear a mask or not.


Hospitals are filled with people who say masks and vaccines are not effective... School districts without mask mandates are shutting down across the country. Schools with mask requirements have far fewer new cases, and vaccinated people aren't showing up in droves at the hospital.

But go right ahead and keep telling people masks are nearly 0% effective... We will keep laughing at you... "The only effective mask is a N95 surgical mask." HAHA... An N95 is a respirator and surgical masks are the blue masks you see most often.

Being in school is the best learning environment, but schools are shutting down all over the place because of this weird right wing anti-mask/vax trend. If you really think the best learning environment is in school, then you should re-evaluate. Take a good long hard look at the evidence and maybe you will see the light.


Turn off your Mainstream media, unvaccinated and anti masks not showing up in droves everywhere, I have seen it with my own eyes as a patient. Don’t believe everything you hear.


"Turn off your Mainstream media" is a cool soundbite. Problem is, by sticking your head in the sand and preferring what one person has seen "with your own eyes," you ignore the full picture. One person's "own eyes" experience is an anecdote that doesn't allow us to understand what's going on with anyone else. The experiences of the nation as a whole are statistics with predictive value.


The Denmark study to which you refer, Stinks, did not debunk masking. It was designed to estimate how masks prevent the wearer from being infected but did not measure whether they prevent the wearer from spreading the infection...which nearly every authority says is their primary benefit. It was designed to detect an effect size only of 50% or higher.

Here's an article for you to look at. "Face Masks Against COVID-19." June 2021, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science." It refers to four different studies that found surgical masks to be equivalent to N95 surgical masks in effectiveness. N95s and surgical masks are roughly equivalent in effectiveness in their use. Community studies find that even cloth masks are useful for slowing down COVID-19. So the canard here is not the effectiveness of masks but your belief that the study from Denmark says something it doesn't and that masks are "nearly 0% effective." Try cracking open a research article instead of a Facebook meme sometime, Stinks. I wouldn't put too much faith on your Board's handle of anything given how they allow staff to treat LGBTQ+ students. And again, parents have the perfect right to decide their children don't have to wear home.


"This thing is going away, it will go away like things go away. My view is that schools should be open. If you look at children, children are almost, I would almost say definitely, but almost immune from this disease. So few. Hard to believe. I don't know how you feel about it but they have much stronger immune systems than we do somehow for this. They don't have a problem." -Donald Trump



23% in quarantine does not mean positive covid! Parents can be the ones who decide if their child wears a mask. Are any of the positive students hospitalized? No


Your logic is searing, 39. Think further about what 23% in quarantine means: by failing to implement in-building mask mandates, our little sibling to the north knowingly and willingly allowed nearly 1 in 4 of its children to be exposed to a potentially fatal disease without basic protections. Don't tell me that children don't catch COVID-19, or don't get hospitalized, or don't die. Kansas City's rate of childhood infection has gone up by 1,100%. Mississippi just lost its 7th baby to COVID-19. Wichita lost a baby about a month ago. Kansas has 31 public school COVID outbreaks. Lyon County ranked 11th in Kansas as of last week. Burlington HS in Coffey County is closed until Tuesday due to illnesses including COVID.

If parents want to decide their children shouldn't mask, they can home school.


Parents can also choose to not send their kids to 251 if they don’t like their no mask protocol! Send your kids to Emporia where they are masked! Works both ways, you have the option of home

Schooling if you think a school is not safe that does not require mask.

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