Lyon County Public Health reported two new positives and two new recoveries Wednesday afternoon, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases to 371. 

The total number of recovered patients is 322, with 46 active cases ongoing. There are at least two Emporia patients in critical condition at tertiary hospitals, with one local inpatient. 

Statewide, there have been 8,539 cases from 84 counties reported since the virus first appeared in Kansas. There have been 178 deaths, including three in Lyon County. 

According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, there have been 96 clusters identified in the state — 48 closed and 48 currently active — which account for 4,315 of the cases and 136 deaths statewide. 

Lyon County Public Health has not released information on local clusters since the end of April. At that time, Emporia's Tyson plant was the largest identified hot spot for the novel coronavirus in the area. 

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Maybe it is time to talk about how alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, vaping, obesity, etc. have a negative effect on one's health/immune system. Many people feel like they are "healthy" even though they are abusing their body every which way. Fauci mysteriously predicted this pandemic, there was a simulation of a similar pandemic last fall just before COVID 19 became a thing, and Fauci predicts another "wave" in the fall (it just sounded like a threat with his connection to the lab in China). Investing in good health is the best bet against these "surprise" viruses. Soon, a Level 4 lab will open in Manhattan, KS, and that is the highest level meaning the worse of ills will be housed there. It was the one on that island and they are bringing to the central US. It is supposed to house diseases for livestock, and not people, but you know they swear this virus jumped to humans, so................ It is also claimed that viruses do not jump to people. So, building your immune system is critical.

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