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Lyon County Public Health reported six new positives and 16 recoveries, Thursday afternoon, bringing the number of active cases to 71.

The county has reported 41 new positives this week, with one more day of reporting left. The county ended the previous week with 38 new cases overall from Oct. 5 - 9.

“I think what we’re seeing as we were analyzing these new cases is, people have COVID-fatigue, they have mask fatigue, they have isolation fatigue — and they’re letting their guard down,” said Lyon County Health Officer Renee Hively. “All of these cases we’re seeing right now, they are contact positive cases. It’s not any one specific activity they are doing, it’s just that they are getting out and doing more activities and letting their guard down.”

Hively has said from the beginning that everyone in the community would have to get on board with mitigation strategy in order to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“Everybody has to do their part in this,” she said. “We have to mask up, we have to social distance, we have to practice good hygiene.”

Overall, 1,171 cases have been reported since March including 1,062 recoveries and 37 deaths. There were four death certificates pending review at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as of Thursday.

Four people are hospitalized.

Eight active cases are related to a cluster identified at colleges and universities.

Hively said that is consistent with positivity rates across the state and nation as a whole.

“Schools are back open, colleges are back, we have more sporting events happening,” she said. “All those things that are occurring in the fall, it’s expected. When we get kids together like that, you’re going to get positive cases. There’s no way around it.”

Hively said a good way to help the community is to get vaccinated against influenza. While that’s important every year, she said, this year it’s even more vitally important because COVID-19 shares so many symptoms with the flu. By getting the flu shot, it helps rule out influenza as a possibility if you do get sick.

And, now it’s easier to get tested for COVID.

“KDHE has lessened their symptoms as far as testing so you just have to have one symptom to be part of our testing line,” Hively said. “If you have one symptom, you just need to COVID Hotline and give them the information and what symptoms you have and they will get you scheduled.”

The health department has a limited number of rapid tests available right now, too, so chances are good that you will be given a rapid test.

The department, along with Newman Regional Health, is also now offering testing to close contacts of COVID-positive patients. Individuals identified as close contacts are offered testing five days after exposure and will be retested again at day 14.

The testing is voluntary.

On Wednesday, Kansas reported its largest seven-day increases in both COVID-19-related deaths and new coronavirus cases.

The state Department of Health and Environment said Kansas had another 67 deaths since only Monday, an increase of 8.7%, to bring the total for the pandemic to 838. The state has reported 115 additional deaths over the past seven days, for an average of 16 a day.

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There has been a few times that I have gotten to a door and realized my mask is back in the car. Then I contemplate on going back for it. As I ponder on it. I remind myself of those working in that establishment, that have to wear a mask their entire shift. So out of respect I go back and get my mask.

Hollowed Ground

"COVID-fatigue". Is that a new term for stupidity and selfishness? It certainly sounds better, but I like the simpler language better.


Simpler like I'm tired of this BS


Hollow, I think for most people it is less about stupidity or selfishness and more about "letting our guard down," or "becoming careless" if you want simple language. This is not to say both stupidity and selfishness exists--we have seen ample examples of both--but those are different issues from COVID fatigue.

Here is how I think of it: Selfishness is when one says "I should not be expected to wear a mask to protect my fellow humans." COVID fatigue is when one gets to Reebles and says, "I left my mask at home, but it will be OK just this one time."


Oh you mean people are living there lives? Crying shame, soon they will be telling you not to trick or treat or to have a virtual thanksgiving dinner.


Case in point


Yup and we will keep living our lives and you can live yours.


Hopefully not in fear.


October 21st must be getting closer because the cases started "dropping."

I predict the morning following the inevitable extension of the mask mandate by city commissioners that the numbers of cases will be on the rise again.

Care to wager?

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