Lyon County Emergency Communications

Lyon County Emergency Communications Center has a new Online Burn Procedure to replace Lyon County Burn Permits for the 2022 year.

The online procedure creates an easier reporting experience for the resident. There will be no permit number to remember with this new procedure.

Residents will now go online to for the link to report a burn. To report a burn, click the “Start by Clicking Here” link. On the next screen, enter your: name, phone number, home address, type of burn, email address and burn location.

Through this online procedure, entering your burn location has never been easier. With an intuitive map, you can click “use your current location” on any mobile device if you are at the location of burn. That information is entered onto the map automatically. The last step is to accept the conditions of the Lyon County Resolution 25-21.

After reporting the open burn online, the resident will receive a confirmation email with a link. When the burn has been extinguished, the resident will follow that link to report “extinguished” with one click.

Reporting an open burn online allows dispatchers and Lyon County first responders to see, in real time, what active and extinguished open burn fires may have affected a call or out of control fire.

There will be no need to wait on hold during a busy fire season to report a burn; simply complete the online burn procedure at your convenience. Reporting your burn is extinguished is only one click away. If you have questions at any time, you can visit or email

For more information about how Lyon County dispatchers respond to your emergency, visit

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