Emporia’s newest retail store is now open to the public.

Shoe Dept. Encore opened Wednesday in the Emporia Pavilions at 2632 W. 24th Ave. The store joins 1,100 locations around the country, according to district manager Mike Zwiener.

“We’re a family-owned operation that started in 1915,” he said. “It’s the largest privately-owned footwear company in the whole United States.”

Shoe Dept. Encore offers footwear for the whole family at competitive prices. While the word “encore” might mean a repetition or reappearance, Zwiener said here it simply means a larger store footprint and doesn’t refer to brands or styles in stock.

Zwiener said he was excited to see the store, which has hired eight people so far, come to Emporia.

“It’s a good mixture of clientele,” he said, adding that there’s a good amount of people who come into Emporia from more rural areas to shop, as well as college students. “We have people who have lived here all their lives. I’m surprised that we didn’t come sooner.”

Expect to see brands you recognize like Adidas, Skechers, New Balance, Puma and Hey Dude, as well as some in-house brands. Everything, Zwiener said, is competitively priced.

Shoe Dept. Encore will be open 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday - Saturday and noon - 6 p.m. Sunday.

Zwiener said the store will have some extended holiday hours through the month of December.

Shoe Dept. Encore is currently hiring, too. Visit the store for more information.

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Capitalism at its finest emporia would not benefit with these upcoming stores just do destroy land marks in most cases these stores run for about 5 years then die out


Makes you wonder what keeps the old stores going, the ones that have been open for years and years. The article states this one will be hiring. So will they have their "help wanted" sign in their window too, just like all the other places in town? I wonder how much they will pay per offer? Dollar Tree can't even open half the time because they can't find people to work there, at least not at the wages they are willing to pay. Good luck to this store.

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