The Emporia Police Department and Lyon County Crime Stoppers are seeking assistance in locating a person of interest in a case under investigation.

According to Crime Stoppers, the individual — a male dressed in a ball cap and a dark jacket — is only a person of interest at this time.

If you have information that you think could solve this crime or others, submit your anonymous tip to Lyon county Crime Stoppers by calling 620-342-2273, using the P3 smartphone tip app, or the P3 website at

If your tip leads to the successful apprehension or prosecution of the suspects or recovery of property, you could be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

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So it looks like employee lady is stealing clerks phone. & aithoritys would like him to verify what he saw & heard. Accusation of personal employee theft I'd say. Personal rather that corporate issue. Or took something under that phone as well.


Not the case at all.


I'm guessing its personal theft not corporate for Casey's. The clerks phone possibly. Personal property of a employee pretty sure they r told to place phones away from customers & off shift.

Hollowed Ground

There's more unsaid in this story than said.


Wouldn’t the location of the store be key in finding that person?

It’s obviously a Casey’s with a single front door. So it could be east or south Casey’s in Emporia or the one in Americus. At 6 o’clock in the morning if their camera time is correct.


It is Casey’s, the last I knew south Casey’s switched hours so they are no longer a 24/7 store.

Hollowed Ground

No, people from all over go into every store.

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