Noxious Weeds Director Amy Welch speaks before the Lyon County Commission Thursday morning at the Lyon County Courthouse.

Lyon County Commissioners voted to vacate a portion of a county road Thursday during its regular action session at the Lyon County Courthouse.

A road viewing was held Wednesday at the 1300 block or Road 190, about two miles northeast of Emporia. Thursday, commissioners Scott Briggs and Rollie Martin both voted to vacate the county’s responsibility for the road. Commissioner Dan Slater was not present at Thursday’s meeting.

During a public hearing, resident Steve Turner — who lives at 1394 Road 190 — noted that the area was overgrown with trees and grass. Resident Carlene Fuller — 1953 Road M — said vacating the road would “get the records cleaned up.”

There was no opposition to vacation.

“The road is not a public utility due to non-use,” Lyon County Attorney Marc Goodman said. “It is practically impassable. The necessity for the road as a public utility does not justify the necessary expenditures to repair such road or to put the same in condition for public travel.”

Martin expressed his thanks for how smooth the process went.

“We appreciate when landowners can work together to resolve these issues,” he said. “I want to thank Steve and Carlene for coming today and seeing to it that this gets cleared up.”

NC-FH AAA report

The commission also heard a fourth-quarter report from North Central Flint Hills Area Agency on Agency Inc. Executive Director Julie Govert Walter. The organization provides services to seniors and caregivers as part of an agreement with the county, originally adopted in Oct. 2018.

According to information provided by Walter, NC-FH AAA provided information, referrals and assistance to 284 unique customers and made 1,146 contacts between Oct. 1 - Dec. 31, 2019. Senior Health Insurance Counseling was provided to 501 contacts and the agency hosted a 3-day Medicare Open Enrollment event. A total of 346 boxes of commodities were distributed during the fourth quarter, 153 of those at the Friendship Center in south Emporia.

One issue Walter relayed to the commission was a need for volunteers program-wide.

“We have a significant need for more volunteers right now,” she said. “We did send out a ‘Leap into medical counseling’ press release to area media members earlier this week. There is a critical need for volunteers.”

She also said they are still looking for an RSVP Director in the county.

“We’re still looking for the right person, so that has been a significant challenge,” she said.

The commission also:

• Approved a letter of support on behalf of Healthier Lyon County

• Approved a letter of support to KDHE on behalf of the Lyon County Extension Office

• Approved warrants payable in the amount of $227,872.39

• Approved the purchase of a spray unit for the county’s 2011 Ford F350 from PrairieLand Partners for $13,150.

Lyon County Noxious Weeds Director Amy Welch said this was the higher of two bids received for the unit, but the price from PrairieLand Partners fell within the 3 percent threshold allowed for local bids.

The county will next meet at 9 a.m. Thursday in the Lyon County Courthouse.

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Bill free

Did you not read the artical. It is a county road and not used. More then one county road like this that see little to no use.


Emporia is a dumpster and I'm glad I left it. Dont want to spend money on public roads, and begging for volunteers. Get the eff over yourselves. Conservative trash.


Well if you're gone and glad you left, why do you feel the need to spew your opinion on somewhere you don't live? Sounds like someone needs to get the eff over themselves...


To let you all know how shitty your town, step it up losers.


We are all glad you left too!


Afraid I'm going to dip in to your meth supply?

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