The Emporia Gazette

One person is in custody following a high-speed chase that ended with a foot pursuit in rural Lyon County Wednesday afternoon.

According to Lyon County Sheriff Jeff Cope, Rolando Galindo of Emporia was arrested after he led law enforcement officers on a high speed pursuit into the northeast areas of town.

He said the incident began when Emporia Police Department officers attempted to serve Galindo with felony warrants.

The chase, which began around 2:30 p.m., extended from the city of Emporia to Roads 240 and 270. Units were staged in multiple areas on Roads X, Y and Z from Roads 180 - 190.

About 20 minutes into the pursuit, the driver reportedly crossed into Osage County. He reportedly passed through Reading as well.

Officers set up “stop sticks” at one point, hoping to deflate the tires. It’s not clear if the truck ran over them.

After about 30 minutes, the driver reportedly bailed out of the truck in the area of Road 190 and Road Y. Authorities believed the suspect was hiding in a nearby home.

Osage County Sheriff’s Officers secured the county line, to guard against an escape.

Cope said initial reports of a possible hostage situation were being investigated. Emporia Police Captain Ray Mattas told The Gazette Thursday that an affidavit was being filed with the Lyon County Attorney’s Office.

Pending charges include felony fleeing and eluding, kidnapping, burglary, possession of marijuana, theft, interference with law enforcement, reckless driving, basic speed violations and four counts of a stop sign violation.

Galindo was previously arrested on Aug. 12 after he led officers on another high-speed chase. That chase was also initiated when officers attempted to follow-up on outstanding warrants. Galindo was captured on Weaver Street after about an hour of negotiations.

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Chill out Rationa1 not everyone is a smart _ _ _ like you. Oops sorry I mean smart.


Merry Christmas, Elrod!


I do agree he deserves a trial. If convicted, there should be stiff penalties for eluding the police. We have first hand knowledge of what can happen when they try to run. I no longer can say hi to a friend, Steve


Since I only know about this incident what I read here, I would like to thank our LEOs for a seemingly successful operation with no one hurt. Outrage is easy and Justice is expensive. The Public got the help they needed and now this miscreant will get His.


Y yes rationa1, you are correct, everyone who is guilty deserves a trial. :) :)


Thanks, Bubba. I would also say everyone who is not guilty also deserves a tril, if they have been accused of a crime.


*trial*. Hate when I make typos.


Another emporia rocket scientist who needs a lot of jail time to see if he is capable of regaining some common sense!


I'm glad you're here, Forever, and saving us the pesky inconvenience of trial by a jury of peers.

If you get called for jury duty, I hope you repeat this statement when they ask if you have any preconceived notions about the case.


What part of evading across 2 counties at high speed don’t you understand! And this is his 2nd time. I would love to get these morons off the street. And oh I guess you ascribe to defunding the police


You can't just book and put people in jail/prison.

There will be a trial and conviction. Just because they're caught red handed doesn't mean they don't have the right to a trial.

Otherwise they would arrest shoplifters and send them to prison for 5 years... maybe 15 years if they don't like their skin color.


What part of the 6th Amendment don't you understand, Forever? If the State is able to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt, then this guy will receive justice.

I do not know what to ascribe your misunderstanding of how to use the word "ascribe," but I can assuredly ascribe your lack of understanding of a person's rights to Constitutional illiteracy. Oh I guess you stop reading the Constitution after getting through the 2nd Amendment.


Yes maybe one of these times he will actually make it to trial on the charges without running off again

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