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Registration for the 2020 Dirty Kanza lottery officially closed at midnight Monday, with would-be racers vying for one of 3,620 spots available in the 25, 50, 100 and 200-mile course.

The DK will take place May 28 - 31, drawing competitors and supporters from all around the world to downtown Emporia.

Dirty Kanza/Life Time Fitness Marketing Manager Kristi Mohn said while DK will not release how many people applied for the lottery, the numbers were up from last year.

“The numbers in our lottery are up from last year, so we’re excited about the enthusiasm that surrounds Dirty Kanza,” she said. “A large part of that is due to the way this community supports the event and the racers. That’s something to be pretty proud of, in my opinion.

“We haven’t done any lottery selection yet. Those results won’t be in until Jan. 27 at the earliest — that’s the latest date that we’ve given ourselves.”

Mohn said applicants are selected at random through the lottery system and, if selected, will receive two email notifications verifying their registration status. There are 1,600 slots available for the DK 200; 1,150 for the DK 100; 510 for the DK 50; and 300 for the DK 25.

The high school-aged race also has 60 slots available. Registration for that event will remain open so high schoolers still have time to get signed up.

Until then, she said it’s a waiting game.

“There’s lots of nail-biting,” Mohn said.

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