Linzi Garcia/Leader-News Chase County Commission meets with Detention Facility Administrator Larry Sigler.

The Chase County Commission met Monday morning for its regular session to hear an update from Detention Facility Administrator Larry Sigler.

The detention facility recently discovered a 10 percent overcharge on its water bill, including sewer and sprinklers, and came to the commission for advice on how to assuage the issue of repayment. County Clerk Connie Pretzer said she spoke with the auditors, and they did not have a preference for which method to take — cutting a check or trimming subsequent water bills until the amount overcharged is made up. Sigler said the facility plans to have a flow tube installed for future accuracy.

Sigler also informed the commission of his recent experience checking out the vans in Douglas County, which are the vehicles Chase County is interested in and for which it is currently bidding. Sigler proposed purchasing one new and one used vehicle. A used van with 100,000 miles on it can be purchased for $8,000.

Sigler and Pretzer will speak with the auditor before making any decisions.

Another area of report was presenting wage comparisons in jails of comparable sizes. Sigler argued for increased wages because of the additional policies the detention facility has with its ICE detention center. For a visual, Sigler showed the commission the binder of policies all Kansas jails have. Sigler also brought a binder twice the size of the other, containing all of the policies for ICE. The current jailer wage is $13.08-$15.89 per hour.

Road and Bridge

Thom Kirk came to the commission with an update about the quotes for replacing the salt and sand building. He received one quote from ClearSpan Structures for a canvas structure in the amount of $25,382. However, their quoted size is 30-by-40 feet, and the current location is 30-by-36 feet. Rather than upcharging for a custom size, Kirk advocated for adding more base blocks on which to build. Commissioner Bill Fillmore was cautious of the canvas material and asked Kirk to look into options for a more stable structure.

Much of the conversation focused on the options for improving local roads, particularly from the cemetery to the highway. Kirk asked the commission its thoughts on grinding the booster station road. Kirk received a bid from Apac for grinding up to 24 feet wide for $5,300 per mile. This would entail shaping and cutting the road. The commission expressed concern regarding water getting trapped in the ground and destabilizing the base of the road, therefore making the roadwork more temporary than desired. Kirk and Fillmore both discussed the negative public feedback regarding Lake Road and want to assure the community that they’re both “doing [their] best” to make good decisions for the community. They discussed doing the leveling work without the chip seal, to start. Apac could start within the next couple of weeks.


Deputy Clerk Tiffany Harshman updated the commission on receiving the new election equipment and completing training on it. The last day to register to vote is Tuesday, and early voting starts Wednesday. Voters can request a mail ballot until Oct. 29. Nov. 5 is election day. For a sample ballot, visit There will be one Constitutional question on the ballot regarding the census adjustment. For more information, visit the Chase County Clerks Office Facebook page.

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