Linzi Garcia/Gazette Lyon County HR Director Janice Huffman presents commissioners with the 2019 Corporate Challenge team “County Watchmen.”

County Controller Dan Williams came to the Lyon County Commission with two 2019 budget amendments Thursday morning during its regular meeting.

One change was for the multi-year fund and the other for the road and bridge fund.

The multi-year fund was amended from $2.5 million to $3.7 million.

A portion of the increase includes some anticipated radio project costs, which commissioners have not yet approved.

Williams asked commissioners to consider increasing the road and bridge fund from $5.9 million to $6.6 million. Funds would go toward flood repairs and other projects.

“Preparing the 2020 budget, all of this stuff was considered,” Williams said.

The road and bridge fund carried over $2 million from last year and will pull from that reserve.

“We are in a fortunate position to have these kinds of finances,” Chairman Rollie Martin said.

Commissioners motioned to approve publishing the Notice of Budget Hearing Amending the 2019 Lyon County Budget.

There will be a budget hearing at 10 a.m. Aug. 29 in the Lyon County Courthouse.

Computer Updates

Lyon County Court Administrator Ruth Wheeler came to commissioners for the approval of a capital outlay spending request to upgrade and replace computers, software and server.

“This request is to keep us safe on the county’s firewall and network,” Wheeler said.

The request was for $6,726.85 and includes computer replacements, upgrades and labor cost. The district court currently has eight computers that are new enough to only need an upgrade.

Corporate Challenge Team

Lyon County Human Resources Director Janice Huffman presented commissioners with the 2019 Corporate Challenge team name “County Watchmen.”

Huffman said they have 11 people on the team, composed of county employees, many of whom are newer to their positions.

Lyon County has participated in the corporate challenge event for many years.

“I think it’s a great thing for collaboration — to see people outside the work area team up,” Commissioner Scott Briggs said.

Huffman asked commissioners to approve a $150 registration fee. The commissioners approved.

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The only way to get anywhere is to actively recruit people to run against the current county commissioners, people that understand how to prepare a budget and make cutbacks rather than continuously raise taxes. "Everybody and their cat" have their hands out for more, more more............ Elect people who can say "No".

KB Thomas

CAFRs: The Biggest Secret-60 Trillion Invested by state, & local governments 6/30/00

KB Thomas

Please review this article 1940's Secret "Corporate" tactic by which Government Takes All by Walter Burien 5/10/9.

KB Thomas

The total tax for westar is 8 million and was not able to get the tax on plant east of Emporia but it was tax exempt I think for 10 years even though that was the best site due to existing utilities.

KB Thomas

Today I found out that Westar pays 8 million in property taxes. I think they were exempt for 10 years and that adds up to 80 million. I was told they needed the site because of its location and existing utilities. If this is the case, this is economic development in reverse and needs to be investigated.

KB Thomas

I was told that Lyon County has no comprehensive annual Financial Report

KB Thomas

Where is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report? The public needs to find out.

KB Thomas

The public would like to see the Comprehensive annual financial report. Where is it? I can not find it. Thee county has 2 sets of books as the city state and federal government. Go online to the biggest shell game in town CAFR.

KB Thomas

Please review Agenda 2030 Exposed Video.

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