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President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington.

The Emporia Gazette

A day after a violent mob attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump conceded to President-elect Joe Biden, condemning his supporters who stormed the nation’s Capitol.

In a new video message posted Thursday evening, Trump said that he now accepted defeat now that Congress had certified the results and “the new administration will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.”

He said his “focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power.”

Trump also spoke out against the violence, calling it a “heinous attack” that left him “outraged by the violence lawlessness and mayhem.”

Trump did not address his role in inciting the violence, instead telling his supporters that, while he knows they are “disappointed,” he wants them to know “our incredible journey is only just beginning.”

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Trump is GUILTY of inciting an insurrection. He has fomented divisiveness since even before he ran for office. His narcissistic psychopathy played out before us over the last 4 years. Any person with decency and morality could see he was crooked. He must be impeached because he is GUILTY and we must send a message to the future that this will never be tolerated in our Democracy. Like Nero, he has fiddled while thousands of our fellow citizens died of the deadly Coronavirus. For this, he carries the smell of death. Our US Representatives are guilty of aiding and abetting this mentally deranged man who thinks only of himself. They need to be held accountable as well!

Hollowed Ground

Pelosi says she's going to vote Articles of Impeachment on Monday. I wonder if this time she bothered to check with the Senate to see if she has 67 votes. Or is she just launching another time-wasting show of futility? I doubt she has votes from McConnell, Cruz, Hawley, Rubio, Kennedy, Graham, Tuberville, Lee, Paul and the rest of the Republican insurrectionists.

Hollowed Ground

Finally the ultimate in condemnation of Trump has come in. Suck-up Nikki Haley says he used bad words when addressing the crowd of Nazis, white supremacists and deplorables. He chose bad words! Remember that when that beach runs for president. Her sole criticism of Trump for the invasion of the Capitol was he chose bad words.


Conservative Trumpers are angry a white woman was shot dead while storming the capitol building but do not care that a black woman was shot dead while sleeping in her own house.

Hollowed Ground

Quite a number of blacks have been shot dead for similar offenses. Driving, jogging, playing with a water pistol................


I’m glad you feel that way Aim High, that means you support the prosecution of all the people that were involved in the riots months ago and many people were killed in a lot of people lost their businesses because of that. Good to know you’re on board with prosecuting all offenders.🤔


I've always supported prosecuting ANYONE who breaks the law.


I think you're right. We do need to prosecute all those we have evidence of committing crimes, during any riot. But, do you understand the irony of what you're saying? I can't help but notice your comment is conspicuously missing the word "equal". Do YOU think they should all be prosecuted, equally? Including the 6 republican lawmakers? And the president? I mean, they planned it for weeks on twitter, they were calling for the hanging of the vice president, they built gallows outside the capitol, they were carrying zip tie handcuffs, and they beat a cop to death. That's serious. We need to prosecute them all fairly, right? Elrod? Punishment should fit the crime? No one above the law? Right? We can't be hypocrites, is what I think you're saying. That we need to treat them everyone equally, right? Yeah, I can get behind that. My boy Elrod here has the right idea; equality for all.

Hollowed Ground

More and more goobers are calling for Trump's removal. That's easy to do since they know it can't happen. The usual Republican BS. The only way a president leaves quickly is for the president himself to resign or declare himself unfit. That ain't gonna happen with this clown. Every other path through impeachment or A25 requires a 2/3 vote of the Senate. And the Cabinet option is out because they've all quit or been fired. The same stinking Republicans calling for Trump's removal would vote against it if somehow it was even brought to the floor. But hey, it was nice to see Republicans like Robo Rubio cower in fear and run like chickenhawks at the sight of maga hatted commoners.


DC Police have released photos of the individuals responsible for breaking into the capitol building.


People who commit crimes together and someone dies in the process could be charged with murder. Every person you see in those photos is responsible for the woman who was shot and killed, 6 Republican lawmakers included.


The FBI has already received over 4,000 tips and plans to prosecute everyone who entered the capitol building. #LockThemUp!

These aren't patriots, they're extremists.


These people are no longer just annoying imbeciles. They are traitors, terrorists, and cop killers. The DC cop was dragged into the crowd, beaten with a fire extinguisher, and then died in the hospital. Everyone involved needs to be held accountable. And just because Donny T condemned these cop killers after the fact, that doesn't mean he gets to escape the consequences. No one's above the law.


They're citizens, Aim. They feel disenfranchised and marginalized. Rightly or wrongly, they believe that they have been left behind as others have made gains in our society and economy. The people who stormed the Capitol weren't trying to take something away from others, they were trying to preserve what they believe is being taken from them. It was absolutely a poor decision, but what is required here is not to prosecute them and turn them into martyrs. Conversations and mutual understanding is required.


I'll remember this the next time my side loses.

Hollowed Ground

You just described the feeling behind every BLM demonstration that has ever happened.


@Aim: You should. Our society...our NATION...would be a stronger and better place if we lived out our values of democracy supported through protection of minority rights and interests.

@Hollow: Exactly. Each group has a natural right to make their interests and needs known and is entitled to understanding and discussion.

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