Lyon County Courthouse

In other business Thursday, county commissioners approved the Lyon County Economic Development Relief Committee’s recommendations for disbursal of CARES Act funds to local business entities.

The available $816,123.95 will be awarded to 47 area businesses in addition to four non-profits (Corner House, CrossWinds Counseling & Wellness, the Emporia Senior Center and the Granada Theatre Alliance).

The incoming payouts are based on separate applications from each of the entities, which were required to demonstrate a discernible, negative financial impact stemming from the pandemic in order to receive funds.

“[The committee] did a really good job of using the CARES funds we had left and breaking it down to try to provide economic development money to all the entities that applied,” said County Controller Dan Williams. “Other than the couple they didn’t see fit … all the entities received some allocation.”

Entities receiving CARES Act funds from the county will be subject to federal audit moving forward, as the money was passed down from that level to the state of Kansas, which then divided it among each of its 105 counties.

“The county met its own audit obligation by proving that we publicized the grant opportunity and the program, that we gave enough time for applications to come in, that we actively select the committee to choose the grants and that the committee meetings were open to the public and done in a parliamentary manner ...” said Governmental Assistance Services Grant Administrator Garrett Nordstrom. “Once [the county] writes those checks, it’s up to the IRS to audit those businesses … the county will not be responsible for auditing these 47 businesses’ expenses.”

During the meeting, commissioners also:

Approved a quote from Folley Equipment Company for a reconditioned 2010 Caterpillar AP655D asphalt paver and a 2011 Weiler P385 asphalt paver for a total cost of $87,923.

Approved an agreement with BG Consultants, Inc. for design services and construction engineering services for the rehabilitation project on Americus Road from U.S. Highway 50 to about 400 feet north of the intersection of Road 180 for an amount not to exceed $26,000.

Approved an agreement with BG Consultants, Inc. for design service and construction engineering services for a project to re-deck FAS Bridge 50 on County Road Z in an amount not to exceed $90,600.

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Here’s a couple of solutions for the Americus road: we could just turn it back to gravel like a large portion of the county drives on; people that don’t like their roads can just move to Emporia. Problem solved! What do ya know, I might be county commissioner material.


Large geographic portion drive on gravel. Very small portion of population drive on gravel.

If the over worked, under paid, and no budget city employees in my small town can provide decent roads, the county with their multi million budget should be able to provide even better. Or are they spending all the money on new vehicles?

At least with gravel roads, you expect a pot hole here or there and you drive a lot slower.

Are you implying the roads in Emporia are better?


The majority of small towns in Lyon County are located on state highways. The majority of rural patrons are located on gravel which they accept. Emporia maintains its’ own roads and then we have Americus. Americus always seems to think they are entitled to a large share of the county budget for a relatively small portion of the county population.


My2cents: I couldn't agree with you more on what was supposed to be a paving job on Americus Road. WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT & A COMPLETE WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY. The county would be better off selling that equipment and hiring someone who knows what they are doing!!


I would like to point attention to the bottom part of this article that states the county bought 2 asphalt pavers. Look out everyone. The county road and bridge department will be soon paving your local roads instead of contracting it out. Yes it may save money, but if you need reasons to support contracting out asphalt work, drive up americus road from the s curves into Americus. The county recently repaved this road and it is WORSE than it was before! Have you ever seen someone pave a new road and leave potholes while there were doing it? Our county road and bridge department did it. They had to go back and fill the potholes a week later. The road is extremely wavy and the transition areas from when they stopped one day and started the next are almost as bad as speed bumps!

County commission, you made a big mistake by approving the purchases. Save your money elsewhere. Asphalt paving is not something your road and bridge department is competent enough to do.


I didn’t even mention the crappy striping job they did after. They didn’t even bother sweeping or blowing off the surface debris before they painted stripes along the edges. There are sections that were covered in debris and the paint didn’t make it to the pavement. They also painted right over a dead raccoon on the river bridge. Someone came back a couple days later, moved the dead animal, and sprayed the spot with what appeared to be a spray paint can.

Hollowed Ground

Is there no end to the socialism for the socialist businesses here? This averages out to over $17,000 per socialist business, and it comes on top of the recent $20,000 socialist handouts to beer joints, booze joints, dance joints, hair salons and other socialism-loving so-called capitalists; capitalists who lobby for and never say no to socialism except when it is for their employees instead of themselves. And these socialism-loving capitalists spread Covid around like cows spread manure just by being open, thereby making the problem worse. Where is the socialism for American workers who have to pay mortgages, rents, utilities, food, auto maintenance and living expenses, too? Where is the accountability? At the measly Republican rate of $200/week, it will take a whole year for the poor working stiffs to gain the handout these socialists get in a single day. And all they did was fill out a form. It's time we make socialism available to everyone, not just the select few.


You are really a piece of work. All of the places you mention are probably the most hurt my the shut downs. They have people who work or worked there that have mortgages etc. to pay too. So why don't you quit whining. You probably bitch if the sun comes up.


I will say that I find it kinda funny that the Bourbon Cowboy owned by a city council person got nearly four times what anyone else got

Ryann Brooks Staff
Ryann Brooks

The amount is was based on the type of business. Bourbon Cowboy qualified for a different level of funding, as a for-profit live music venue.

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