The Flint Hills Community Health Center Board of Directors looks over the agenda for its meeting Tuesday at the health center.

The Flint Hills Community Health Center Board of Directors heard the results of its recently completed HIPAA Risk Analysis during a meeting Tuesday afternoon at the health center.

Risk Manager Neil Dean said the purpose of the analysis was to assess the health center’s ability to protect patient information. The analysis looks at how FHCHC is complying with security standards, possible areas of improvement and the potential impact if a breach should occur.

Dean said FHCHC identified zero high-risk vulnerabilities, four medium-risk vulnerabilities and 15 low-risk vulnerabilities.

“Because this was the first time [the analysis] has been performed in this manner, it’s in the medium range because we’re looking to identify gaps that were found,” Dean said.

The next step, Dean said, is to address those gaps. He is already looking ahead to the center’s next risk assessment, which will include an outside-access vulnerability analysis.

“We are going to ‘ping’ our organization from the outside,” he said, noting that the action would help FHCHC protect itself from hackers.

“The impact, if we had a breach, is extremely high,” Dean said. “Unfortunately, one of the weak points is people when it comes to technology.”

The board also heard an update from Kenna Burns, ECKAN’s Human Services Coordinator for Osage County, about FHCHC’s partnership with ECKAN for dental services.

The partnership was initiated in Oct. 2015 and helps residents who are low-income and 125 percent below poverty level.

“Since we started in Oct. 2015, we’ve helped 87 of our residents for Osage County,” Burns said. “They’ve gotten services as far as exams, simple extractions and maybe some fillings. We saw there was a larger need in our county for more extensive services.”

Burns said they now use grants from multiple agencies to fund partial dentures, root canals, crowns and other, more complicated dental procedures. This has helped address a need for dental services, since many dentists in the Flint Hills region do not accept Medicaid.

There are currently 65 people on the waiting list for dental services, Burns said.

“I just want to say ‘thank you’ for allowing this partnership with us,” she said.

Dental Clinic Director Regan Orr said the partnership goes both ways. Dental clinic staff has been able to refer clients to ECKAN for services as well, which has been beneficial for the community.

In other business, the board heard an update on the health center’s financials.

Overall, the health center saw a net loss of about $31,000 in May, with total revenues sitting at $715,000 for the month.

Some of the challenges faced last month included unplanned leave for providers.

Still, the health center continues to see evidence of improvements in its financial situation.

CEO Renee Hively also announced the transition of current-Communication Manager Verlin Conkle to the position of Psychiatric Care Manager.

Conkle will officially assume his new role on Aug. 1, but will continue his current duties until a replacement has been found.

The board also welcomed its newest member: Fannie Brooks.

The FHCHC Board of Directors will next meet at noon July 23 at the health center.

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