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The Street Cats Club, a nonprofit organization that specializes in improving the lives of stray cats in the community, is nearing the end of its online auction. 

SCC is celebrating its second anniversary. 

Before the auction opened, a number of Facebook members had stated their interest in supporting the local nonprofit. This was exciting news for SCC’s director and founder Victoria Partridge.

“It’s been really good,” Partridge said. “We started promoting it a week before we launched it, and we already had like 60 people that indicated they were interested via the Facebook invite. That was really exciting.”

The items that are included in the auction all have a theme of being an experience rather than an item. Some of these experiences include a one-night stay at Suzy’s Quiet Home in Topeka, a Private Spring Roll Making Class sponsored by Chi Em Eats, and a Moodie Boudie Mini Boudoir photo session.

“Right now we have over 40 items available and there is such a huge range of items as well,” Partridge said. “There is a lot of experiences because I really thought those would be fun to have. ...It’s cool to see what people are really excited about.”

All of the items will be available to bid on until the auction ends at midnight Saturday, July 17. The best way to find the auction is on SCC’s Facebook page, @thestreetcatsclub. The link for the auction is

“You put in just a little bit of contact information, it saves it, and that way they know to notify you if someone outbids you,” Partridge said. “You can just cruise through, you can check out everything. You can even put that you are interested in watching an item if you are not really sure that you want to bid on it right now, but you maybe want to bid on it on Saturday right before the auction closes and outbid somebody, and that’s totally fine.”

The money that is raised through this auction will primarily go to medical bills for the stray and foster cats in the community.

“Right now, the Street Cats Club, we do about 50% fostering and 50% TNR [Trap-Neuter-Return], that’s the bulk of the work we do within the community,” Partridge said. “Both of those are going really hard right now because we are in the thick of kitten season. Actually, today we just agreed to take on our 30th foster kitten.”

The TNR program helps with overpopulation issues with cats in the community by trapping cats, getting them spayed or neutered, and then returning them.

“We have a TNR coordinator who is busy coordinating TNR throughout our community, and we have almost 200 cats on that list that we are working on getting through TNR,” Partridge said. “For each one of the TNRs, it is about $55 to spay or neuter them.”

With SCC's foster program, kittens and cats get all of the medical care that is needed before they are adopted. 

“For all of the kittens in our foster program, they will also be spayed or neutered, plus they will have their vaccinations and any other medical care that they do need,” Partridge said. “We do specialize in taking in busted kittens so typically they do need a little bit more medical help.”

SCC is a completely volunteer-run organization. Because of this, the money that they raise through fundraisers is crucial to their survival as an organization.

“One of the things that I do like to point out is that it is an entirely volunteer run organization,” Partridge said. “None of us are paid for what we do, we all have day jobs, and we are doing this as what I call my side gig. I always put air quotes because it’s like a hobby but more than a hobby. It’s a passion for all of us.”

SCC board president Gretchen Russell is in training to become the Adoption Coordinator. She just took in her first foster kittens a little over a week ago. Seeing the kittens grow and become ready for adoption is extremely rewarding for her.

“We just took in our first fosters a week and a half ago — first three — and that has been an amazing experience,” said Russell. “I was convinced that I was going to fall head over heels in love, and I absolutely have, but I also talk to each of the kittens everyday about, ‘I can’t wait until you meet your new mommy and daddy,’ so they are getting big and that’s pretty awesome.”

To learn more about Street Cats Club, visit or follow the organization on Instagram and Facebook @thestreetcatsclub.

The organization takes donations through PayPal and Venmo.

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