A flock of birds has nested in downtown Emporia.

Bird Scooters, that is.

The electric scooters are a new mode of transportation popping up in cities around Kansas. The goal, the company said, is to give the community access to another mode of transportation and bring a boost to the economy.

“A growing list of cities, states, and countries are looking to micromobility alternatives, such as scooters and bikes, not only as a means of minimizing congestion but also as a way to support local economic recovery,” a Bird spokesperson said. “We are excited to work with Emporia to offer residents safe and sustainable transportation during the pandemic and beyond.”

Local fleet managers pick up the bikes for any maintenance they need. Subcontractors pick up the scooters at night and recharge them for use the next day.

“Bird Scooters are regularly maintained by fleet managers who deploy and rebalance, sanitize and oversee general care and maintenance of Bird vehicles in the community,” the spokesperson said. “If a vehicle appears to be damaged, riders can report it via the app in Community Mode so it is flagged for operators.”

Members of the community love the Bird Scooters for a variety of reasons.

Carter Garza said that he uses them as a fun activity for him and his friends.

“I absolutely love them,” he said.”They are so much fun, and go pretty fast. I feel like it was a great idea all the way around to bring them to E-Town.”

Garza isn’t alone in his excitement.

Mason Harmon likes seeing the community out and about while he is using the scooter.

“I think they’re pretty fun. I see the whole town riding them,” Harmon said. “We ride them all over at nighttime. They really come alive because you just see everyone riding them downtown and all around the university.”

For people who do not have access to other forms of transportation, these scooters can serve as a quick way to get from place to place.

“[I like that] they’re very practical if you don’t have a car,” Lisbeth Moreno said.

Along with the practicality of the scooters, they are also good for getting somewhere you need to go quickly.

“It’s the quick transport, you’re able to see a lot more in a short period of time,” Connor Freeman said.

Being able to get outside and enjoy these scooters with friends is something that most people like about having them in town.

“I like the mobility, how you can zip around quickly in the city,” Zach Yunk said. “How fast they are and how fun they are.”

For more information on how to ride the Bird Scooters, go to www.bird.co/how.

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The scooters are nice, I see people riding them all the time. The drawback is they only ride on the sidewalk and some go real fast. If I, or some other older person, steps out of a store at the same time the scooter is ridden by, someone is going to get hurt and hurt bad, as fast as they are going. It's the same with bicycles. They go real fast down the sidewalk. I don't think they should be allowed to ride on the sidewalk and they need to know and use the traffic laws. Watch out, there's going to be problems.

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