One of the most powerful moments of my life was in 2nd grade.

My dad — who served as chief of police and head of the fire department in El Dorado, Kansas, for 25 years — woke me up one morning earlier than usual. He explained that he had just pulled one of my classmates out of burning house and did CPR, but my classmate did not make it. My dad just kept saying he was sorry. He cared so much. In that moment, and in numerous other moments I still recall today, he risked his own life to keep our family and community safe. My dad is still my hero, and it breaks my heart that he is seeing how our officers are treated today.

I have seen the vital role law enforcement officers and first responders play for my entire life. I know the heroic sacrifices they and their families make.

I know that, while there’s work to do, calling to defund the police is dangerous, foolish, and puts American lives at risk. And that’s why last week, I signed Heritage Action’s Protect the Police Pledge, vowing to oppose any and all efforts or movements to defund law enforcement.

Kansans and Americans know that, and that’s why they overwhelmingly oppose defunding the police. Americans know that police are more than police. They’re asked to be traffic cops, social workers, peacekeepers, counselors, firefighters and more.

I also know that Democrats like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and my opponent Barbara Bollier would let it happen anyway. They are the party of open borders, sanctuary cities, eliminating ICE, and now defunding the police. They would jeopardize your safety for the far-left’s political agenda.

Just look at recent months. The “defund the police” movement has taken hold in the Democrat Party and liberal politicians have refused to enforce law and order. As a direct result, crime is rapidly rising across the country.

Overall, violent crime in America has increased by 24% this year.

Eighty-seven people were shot — 17 of whom died — in Chicago over Independence Day weekend. Meanwhile Mayor Lori Lightfoot was busy tweeting about people being on the beach.

Violent crime is up 95% in Minneapolis — yet local officials and liberal activists are moving to completely dismantle the city’s police department.

Seattle has seen a 525% increase in violent crime, thanks to the so-called “CHOP” zone that was allowed to quite literally occupy the city for nearly a month. Instead of empowering law enforcement to stop this from ever happening again, Mayor Jenny Durkan and local politicians have cut their police budget by $3 million. They have slashed the city’s number of law enforcement officers by nearly 100. As a result, Seattle’s African American police chief was forced into retirement.

In Portland, brutal and disturbing assaults are regularly captured on video. Meanwhile Oregon Governor Kate Brown has praised the very “protests” threatening lives and property. The Portland Police Bureau’s Gun Violence Reduction Team was disbanded on July 1, and in the month that followed, Portland saw more homicides than it had experienced in the last 30 years.

Closer to home for me in Kansas City, homicides shot up by nearly 30%. Rioters have shattered windows, looted stores, and injured police officers. And when the federal government announced help, local organizations initially sought to reject it.

This is what happens when liberal politicians refuse to let law enforcement officers do their job. And it is what will happen nationwide if Democrats win in November.

Minneapolis is being torn apart, yet Ilhan Omar is still all-in for defunding the police.

Violent crime has spiked by more than 20% in New York City, yet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Mayor De Blasio’s plan to cut the police budget by $1.5 billion is not enough.

“Defunding the police means defunding the police,” says AOC.

As usual, AOC is telling us exactly what Democrats intend to do. And, as usual, her party’s leadership has fallen in line.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi blocked the JUSTICE Act, which would have delivered real police reform while continuing to support law enforcement’s work to keep the American people safe.

Kamala Harris has called for “reimagining” the police — and applauded Los Angeles gutting its police budget by $150 million.

And Joe Biden himself said we should “absolutely” redirect police funding.

None of this should surprise you. Over the last year, Biden and Harris have sold themselves out to the radical left, embracing one extreme position after another. Defunding the police is no different.

Like numerous other socialist positions, defunding the police is well within the mainstream of today’s Democrat Party. And like the rest of their socialist agenda, their support for it is on the ballot in November.

Just as Kansans deserve to know the truth about Barbara Bollier’s record — which has always been as liberal as it gets no matter her party registration — they deserve to know if she stands with law enforcement or the mob.

I have publicly called on Barbara Bollier to join me in signing the pledge opposing the defunding the police movement numerous times to date. And, to date, she’s refused to do so.

For the safety and stability of our families, our communities, our cities, and our entire country, this far-left ideology must be soundly and totally defeated.

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Gary Lukert

Dr. Marshall's pledge to "our communities" is to do whatever he can to elect Crooked, Lying, Bully, Illegal-Draft Dodging Criminal Donald Trump. Doesn't say anything positive about Dr. Marshall--who is GUILTY by his Association and endorsement of Donald Trump!

Gary Lukert

Donald Trump is responsible for 100 per cent of the Domestic Violence in our Country, and he his GREATLY SUPPORTED BY DR. MARSHALL! There is and never has been a more Evil Person in the world, EVER!!!!!! Never!

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