Lyon County Public Health announced 12 new positive cases of COVID-19 and six new probable positives, bringing the county’s totals to 234 accumulated cases following Tuesday’s round of testing.

The data was released Wednesday morning.

Health officials reported five additional recoveries along with Tuesday’s numbers, bringing the total number of recoveries to 57 overall.

There are now 177 active cases in the county.

To date, about 2 percent of Lyon County’s overall population has been tested for COVID-19. Lyon County Public Health’s latest chart states 716 people have been tested in the county as of Tuesday. The county’s population was just under 34,000 in 2018.

With 201 test confirmed cases since March, that puts an infection rate of about .59 percent for Lyon County, but hospitalizations remain low. The infection rate rises to .69 percent if you include presumed positives.

The Emporia Gazette will update with more information as it becomes available.

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Show us where I said "germs can’t go through cloth"... read a little slower and you will see I actually said " homemade cloth masks can't filter at the micron level " Nice try tho. A homemade mask slows the air movement.

If you and your boyfriend are naked and he pees on your leg, then your leg is going to get wet. But if you're wearing pants, and he pees on you, only some gets on you. If you're both wearing pants and he pees, no pee gets on you, it all stays on him. It's really not that hard of a concept to grasp.


I was going to ignore this, but the stupidity is just too much. Although your analogy sounds nice, it’s just a pure faulty analogy fallacy. Micron level germs and urine are too different in size to make that analogy work. I’m sorry you don’t realize how ignorant you sound when you use faulty debate tactics, but you do. And to redirect back to the main debate, since you clearly tried shifting the argument, the lockdowns should be lifted nationwide since the death rate is AND CONTINUES to be less than 1%, the purpose was to help hospitals control the PROJECTED numbers of patients which have been way fewer across the country, and you can’t destroy the economy out of fear from getting the illness that again most people either have mild to minimal symptoms and are very, very likely to survive.


Lol, stay in school.




Do you have a source for your claim "the morbidity rate is about 0.5%, meaning 99.5% likely to be okay" I'm curious where you get such a low number when the current death rate cited by CDC and WHO is many times higher.

Also "a mask doesn’t stop others from getting sick from you, it helps prevent YOU from getting sick from others" is true, but only if you have an N95 mask, which most people don't. The homemade cloth masks can't filter at the micron level and is more to prevent your cough and breathing (the main way the virus exits your body) from going as far, protecting others.

"forcing others to do something out of your fear, is completely inappropriate." I agree, but the stay at home orders aren't about fear, it's about limiting the spread of a highly contagious virus for which there is no treatment or cure, and saving lives in the process. Being smart or playing it safe is not being afraid... I don't stay away from people because I'm afraid, I do it because I'm not selfish and its the right thing to do.


I'm not CommonSoF, Aim_High, but the 0.5 percent fatality rate may be from news reports coming out of California a couple of days ago:

"Extrapolating from the Italian data, University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory data scientists estimate that the fatality rate in New York City and Santa Clara County in California can be no less than 0.5%, or one of every 200 people infected.

These conclusions contrast with those of a study posted online last week by Stanford University epidemiologists, who pegged the fatality rate at between 0.1% and 0.2%. An affiliated team from the University of Southern California (USC) this week reported a similar fatality rate in Los Angeles."

The article is online at


And if going by the Stanford study, chances of dying are even slimmer. So really, chances are really high that if you get it, you’ll be okay.


Ah thanks, I see he was just dividing deaths by active cases, which would be correct if the pandemic was over... but it's not and his "general math" assumes there will be zero additional deaths... the proper math is as follows...

mortality rate = deaths at day.x / cases at day.x-{T}

(where T = average time period from case confirmation to death)

I'm not going to argue with the guy though, he doesn't seem to believe wrapping cloth around your face slows the speed of air moving through it...


And yet, you continue to comment....But like I said, the material doesn’t stop the germs. If you think germs can’t go through cloth, then why have N95 masks at all? See, your logic doesn’t make sense. And you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. But I do laugh at people who are ignorant, and have the gumption to tell others THEY are ignorant which only highlights how ignorant they really were in the first place. Stick to kid’s table, and let the grown ups over here talk.


As to rates, general math. Number of deaths divided by total number of confirmed cases. As to masks, you just proved my point, if only wearing an N95 masks works the way you say, then using other masks are going to be less effective not more effective. And as to the lockdowns, they were initially told I help hospitals not become overwhelmed by the projected numbers of patients NOT to prevent everyone from getting sick. Getting sick is most likely inevitable. So now as nurses across the country are being furloughed, and supplies are up, the lockdowns don’t seem as necessary. And sure you can play it safe all you want, but if I want to be selfish that is my constitutional right. Sorry. My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.


An N95 mask works because it seals against your face and filters the air you breathe in. Cloth masks simply helps keep your germs from spreading as far when you cough or breathe out. 99% of the people you come into contact with will not have an N95 mask... meaning 99% of masks aren't protecting them, they're protecting others. Not sure how else to explain in terms you can understand. I never said any mask was more effective than the N95...


They don’t though. They’re so porous that when you breathe or cough, the germs go right through them. Not sure how else to explain in terms you ca n understand


Diamond in the rough 👍👍👍


If you think there has not been enough testing, there is no one to blame but the Governor.

We need to stop sitting at home listening to the fear mongering fake news media and the Democrats and get back to work! It's like the world has turned into a bunch of trembling chicken cowards... all sitting hunkered down inside their little coops... scared to go outside and get back to their real life because someone keeps telling them they've heard there is a really mean fox out there somewhere and if they go outside and enjoy life again then that nasty ol' fox MIGHT attack one of them and maybe even kill one of them.

Fear is your worst enemy. It causes constant torment. Yes, this is a bad virus for some...just as other viruses and diseases are...The majority of the people who get it either don't even know it, or are so mildly sick that they continue with their daily lives. There are treatments available that seem to be working in the majority of the limited number of cases that actually go to the hospital. So, even if you get it, the chances that you go to the hospital are very slim and the chances that you will die are even slimmer.

As for me and my house we choose to walk by faith... "OH! But what about the fox?" You may shout! "He might eat you!'

Well, there is this thing called a Bible. It is full of God's Word and so much wisdom about all areas of life... When you mix God's Word with your faith...It's much more powerful than a loaded shotgun in real life...and it will cause any ol' worldly fox or virus or disease to turn tail and run.

Where do you get this kind of faith? Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. You read it. You meditate upon what it says. You hang out with people who have the same beliefs and who walk and talk like you do. You find a good Bible -based church and learn from the pastor. You become like a sponge and absorb all of God's promises and refuse to let all of the world's problems take hold within you.

Fear is the voice of the enemy. Often times you are your own worst enemy. Fear holds you back and keeps you from becoming everything you were created and destined to be. Faith is uplifting. It causes you to rise above the problems of the world and to walk on a higher plain. It allows you to walk in peace and joy and calm thanksgiving in the midst of the darkest storms of life because you KNOW who your God is and who you are in Him. You know that all things are possible for those who believe and that God will make a way... even where there seems to be no way... if only you have the faith to reach out and believe.


No reasonable farmer lets their chickens run free when there are hungry foxes all around them. As for all your bible stuff, most churches have been responsible and done what's best for their congregations, and I think most churches would disagree that faith is all they need to keep them safe given the current circumstances. I guess we will see how many people pack in to church next Sunday with no masks... that will show how much "faith" they really have.


That is just it...there are NOT hungry foxes all around them.. just a whole bunch of exaggerations and fear spread by fearful people who have spent way too much time listening to fake news and fear mongering Democrats. Your reference to "bible stuff" shows your disregard and misunderstanding of anything having to do with God, the Bible, Church or faith, therefore your comments regarding any of them have absolutely no relevance, worth or value...they are simply your opinion, and although you are most certainly entitled to your opinion, the rest of us would have to value it ....for it to mean anything. Personally, I would have absolutely no problems packing into a church filled with people wearing no masks.


There are infected people (foxes) all around you... you don't know who has it and who doesn't. You can "walk by faith" if you wish, but it's not really fair to intelligent people who are trying hard to avoid getting sick. The world doesn't revolve around you and your feelings... you should do what you can to protect those around you instead of being self righteous about your beliefs. Your last comment " I would have absolutely no problems packing into a church filled with people wearing no masks." really shows how smart you are.

I also doubt any business requiring a mask would want your business if you refuse to wear one. They have an obligation to keep their customers safe, even the stupid ones.


This is all true. Everyone forgets that the morbidity rate is about .5%, meaning 99.5% likely to be okay. If a doctor told you that you needed surgery and had a 5% risk of dying, they would encourage you to do it based on the odds. It’s the same with this disease. And you wearing a mask doesn’t stop others from getting sick from you, it helps prevent YOU from getting sick from others. In addition, part of your immune system working appropriately comes from your interaction with the flora and bacteria in the area you live, so cutting yourself off from it can hurt your immune system. Lastly, forcing others to do something out of your fear, is completely inappropriate. Just because YOU THINK the boogeyman is in the kitchen, doesn’t mean you get to lock everyone downstairs. If I want to take my chance, I will and should be allowed to. Quarantine the sick, not the healthy.

Vintage Queen

It says 177 active cases in the county. NO, 177 active CONFIRMED cases. CONFIRMED CASES are NOT the same as actual cases we just don't know about yet.

We still don't have enough testing here. Kansas has been at the BOTTOM of the pile of states that get test kits. Look it up. We are NOT getting the tests we need..

It can take up to two weeks to show symptoms, some get mild or no symptoms, but are still just as contagious. There are people who are likely contagious out and about, many not wearing masks.

We don't live in a bubble in Emporia. People come through here all the time from other states, people leave Emporia and go to KC or Topeka ALL the time which raises the chances of more Covid coming into Emporia.

I hope we all take social distancing, masks, quarantining if we have COVID or have been exposed to it and, for those at high risk, isolating, seriously until we get more tests and contact tracing. Because, right now, we don't know who we are safe around. I want everything to open up again as much as anyone, I am TIRED of isolating, but I want it done safely and without more testing, we don't know how safe it is.


You need to read more about the reliability of testing to get an idea of what those statistics really end of meaning. With masks, anyone adjusting that mask and touching their face becomes more likely to catch the "virus", thus the reason many people are not wearing them. Also, keep up-to-date on just how contagious it is, as that has been updated, so I really suggest that you watch this from a frontlines NYC physician: As more facts come out, the panic is subsiding among most.


You need to read both sides of wearing a mask. The CDC supports using masks, as they help prevent spread... if you can't wear a mask long enough to get in and out of a store without picking your nose and touching your face, you should just stay home. Your mask shouldn't need adjusting if you put it on correctly. If you really need to adjust it, maybe sanitize your hands first?

When things begin to re-open, you will see "No mask, no work, no service, no exception" rules everywhere. I suggest you figure out a mask that fits you well enough to get in and out of a store without adjustment.


If a store demands a mask it won't be having my business. I haven't worn one and don't plan to.


Hospitalizations remain low because they all get transferred from here to other hospitals. People also need to realize that some people have been tested multiple times (I am unsure if this has been taken into consideration), but that may askew actual numbers. Can Lyon County Public Health provide the number of cases that have been transferred to other hospitals for ours?


I would think that "hospitalizations" from Lyon County would be "carried" by Lyon rather than the county transferred to, or at least that would make the most sense.


You are absolutely correct about testing, especially the early testing. When we were testing so few in KS, a lot of who we were testing were hospital workers and emergency workers. While it was a good use of the tests, it gave faulty data to people who believed it represented the number of people who had COVID, who met the stringent requirements for obtaining a test. Now that we have more testing going on, I believe the new data is a better gauge, although we are still not testing for random asymptomatic people in KS.

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