City of Emporia

At 5:35 p.m. Sunday evening, the City of Emporia discovered a main line water leak had led to low water pressure. 

Assistant City Manager Lane Massey said the indication was that there is a main line leak near Presbyterian Manor that ruptured. 

"Staff is currently trying to isolate that line and shut it down so that they start repairs hopefully this evening," he said. 

Massey said it is potable water that is leaking and could effect the entire city of Emporia by causing low water pressure. 

"Residents will be experiencing some low water pressure until they can isolate the line," he said. "It will probably take a couple of hours to isolate the line, and it could take the rest of the evening and into tomorrow to get it corrected due to the location it is at."

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Water is so overrated,... but thank God we all have pickle ball in fabulous Emporia ,... oh and let’s give Smoots a million bucks for their dirt while we aren’t paying our Police and Firefighters a fair wage.

The Emporia politicians need tarred and feathered !!


What I think Box-Side meant was, thanks to all the city staff working this problem on a Sunday night. We appreciate each of you.


🙏 yes!! I second that Rationa1


Yes, thank you to the city staff, but it IS their job.

If the city wasn’t emptying the coffers on land and other stuff that isn’t needed now, then more could be used on aging infrastructure and the water main breaks would severely slow or stop.

At least this time they got the water shut off before it drained the water tanks just a couple blocks away, unlike what happen 3 or 4 years ago.

So thanks to the workers, but shame on the politicians.


If you have to add a qualifier to a thank you, like "it IS their job," then you aren't really so thankful after all, are you?


Meanwhile…. The city is spending millions of dollars on land that they are just going to sit on. Remember this when you have no water pressure and if they issue a boil order for the next few days…….

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