The Lyon County Commission approved the purchase of new pickup trucks for the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office during Thursday’s regular meeting at the courthouse.

Sergeant Tobey Kelly came to commissioners with a request to rescind the prior purchase authorization with Clint Bowyer Autoplex due to changed contract terms, which altered the original authorization and voided the agreement.

Kelly said last year the sheriff’s office purchased two Fords and have had them worked on about once a month for maintenance.

Originally, the sheriff’s office came to commissioners in early January with a purchase request for the new vehicles. It spent a portion of that money on a Chrysler minivan, leaving $171,000 remaining. Kelly asked commissioners to consider reissuing the purchase authorization with the adjusted amount of $191,171.92 for six, 2020 Chevrolet pickup trucks from Longbine Auto Plaza.

Kelly said they previously received a bid from Longbine and that it was the highest bid, though it was the only other place that carried the V8 vehicles they wanted.

Following the purchase, the sheriff’s office expects the vehicles to be delivered in 10-12 weeks, after which they will be equipped and on the road fairly quickly.

Commissioners approved the request.

FHCHC update

Representatives of the Flint Hills Community Health Center gave a quarterly report.

Medical Support Manager Melissa Smith said there is not much new going on. There was an active tuberculosis case that was moved from Lyon County to Sedgwick County, but most of the contacts were in Lyon County, so the Health Center is assisting with that case.

After reporting on other medical quarterly numbers, including prenatal and child care, Smith said, “We are moving in the right direction on all of the other measures, as far as immunizations and smoking and prenatal care.”

Environmental Health Director Jennifer Milbern said they have received many phone calls this last quarter about how to remediate basement and yard flooding and the mosquito concerns that come with those issues.

Milbern also reported they had a high count of animal bites through the quarter, totaling 18.

FHCHC implemented background checks and fingerprinting for the child care licensing process. They received the proper training and have already processed nearly 100 participants.

FHCHC CEO Renee Hively reported the health center is working on increasing participation of those involved in WIC services. In the last quarter, participation increased from 81 percent to 84 percent.

“We have people that are enrolled and eligible, but we have some that just don’t participate, so they’re reaching out to them and bringing them in,” Hively said.

“By participating in WIC services, they brought in $120,000 (the value of redeemed benefits this last quarter) to our county in order for food supplements to be able to spend in the community, so it does come back and help our community, as well.”

Within the courthouse

Lyon County Controller Dan Williams said the budget will be ready for publication next week.

In addition, he came to commissioners for the consideration of approving Computer Information Concepts’ annual maintenance fee of $48,595. The payment covers all technical updates and assistance throughout the year. The agreement runs from Aug. 1, 2019, to Aug. 1, 2020. Commissioners approved the payment.

Also within the courthouse, HR Director Janice Huffman presented commissioners updated employment forms and manuals. The biggest change is making it as clear as possible on as many pages what applicants are tested for during the application process. Huffman said they hope this reduces the number of applicants who “ghost” during the process.

Employers are also no longer able to ask salary questions during the application process, and information about criminal convictions has been removed, too.

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How does the logic work that though longbines was the highest bid, they went with them because they were the only one that carried the v8 model, yet they made it clear it would take up to 3 months for delivery of the special order?

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