Let us take a brief look at our nation’s energy arena.

I have over 30 years in dealing with this subject. I helped operate Emporia State U.’s main power plant and all its boilers, its HVAC shop, its energy management system, and I bought its natural gas via one of the first contracts publicly bid for a school. I am also proud that ESU was one of the most energy-efficient campuses in the country which was via the Exxon Overcharge Grant money that we used regularly to improve our energy-efficient status.

I want to first thank Mr. Applegate, the engineer for an outstanding job in creating a very reliable and workable boiler system at Emporia State U. We had four main oil tanks to back up or natural gas supply should it be interrupted. We had three big boilers and redundant pumps in the main boiler house. We also had two smaller boilers in the PE building that used gas and had oil as a backup. Much of the campus was heated with a central system that has lots of redundancy in case of an emergency. Plus I installed a new natural gas generator in order to have a backup for our boilers electrical needs. We also had a central capacitor bank which saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on our electric bill and allowed our electric gear to last longer equal to the correction that it gave the campus.

Our very important obligation was to test the gear often to make sure it worked in situations like we are seeing now.

So I just gave you some “bona fide” of some of the items that I will share here, in very brief ways.

Before reading this I would suggest that you watch Michael Moore’s new documentary titled, “Planet of Humans,” available on YouTube. Don’t assume that this very liberal person is a supporter of our U.S. fiascoes in regards to our energy policy.

This should open one’s eyes to the fanatics’ ability to run an electrical system here in the U.S. Can you count the lies that Mr. Moore exposes? One should be shocked at the energy sector’s hypocrisy in this country. An example is right here in Emporia where we see a peaking plant, run via horribly energy-wasting jet engines which is a backup for our unreliable wind turbines. You must watch this to see the bigger picture. Don’t dismiss Mr. Moore on this one because you may not like him (I really don’t agree with him much, but his one is amazing).

Are you getting my drift of why we are in the situation of a third world nation while we watch our crumbling, unreliable, and inefficient energy delivery situations.

As one can see the Chinese are gloating on how they have assured their citizens a much better system. Look at this: https://www.yahoo.com/news/texas-weather-crisis-deepens-chinese-111205544.html.

What is the deal with the Keystone Pipeline?

While reading this keep firmly in mind that Mr. Warren Buffett is a major owner of the Northern Pacific Railroad. He is also a big contributor to Pres. Biden and Obama. Thereby he would be a big loser if the Keystone took his business of transporting crude oil. With that knowledge here are a few items that are now going on with the Keystone and related issues.

As the biggest rail-car shipper in the Bakken, the Burlington Northern railroad continues to enjoy high demand for crude oil shipments, which more than offset declines in coal shipment volumes. By the end of this year, the company expects to increase crude oil shipments by some 40% to 700,000 barrels per day. Burlington’s outlook highlights the fact that rail transport has quickly gained competitiveness against pipelines.

Phillips 66 also recently started to use rail transport to move Canadian crude to its refineries in California.

Esoro also is looking for ways to get more Canadian crude delivered to its refineries in California. The company’s Los Angeles refinery, which is operating at a capacity of 97,000 barrels per day, is especially well-suited to process heavier crude, such as those from Alberta’s oil sands. The company is currently looking into shipping oil from Canada to the U.S. Pacific Northwest using barges, and then shipping it via rail to its California refineries.

Valero is planning on making greater use of rail and barge transport to move Canadian crude to its Gulf Coast refineries. The company expects to ship more Canadian oil via barge to its refinery in St. Charles, La.

These examples are just a part of how the market will address Pres. Biden’s actions to stop the Keystone.

Keystone was one of the most studies pipelines in history and the last study concluded that its feared impact was far less than thought.

Did you know that many wind turbines failed to generate during our cold weather because they froze in place and would not turn?

With regards to solar-powered cars here are some things to think about. Electric cars most likely will be charged upon them coming home from one’s commute. When they are plugged in to charge they will probably be at night. How much sun is there at night for this to happen? Whoops.

How much energy does Biden’s Green Deal have to replace with renewable? 85% or more. This does not include the need for other uses such as asphalt for roads and shingles, clothing, plastics, and most importantly lubricants. Here is how I would regularly get the cold shoulder at many of the energy meetings that I would go to. My inquiry was, “if we get about 20% of our lubricants from fossil fuels where will they come from when our oil supplies are reduced? Maybe whale oil again? O.M.G., would that upset them because they have no answer. Unless we’re to go back to horse and wagon we still need lubricants for lots of reasons. Our pioneer fathers even had to have grease for their old wagon wheels.

What’s going on in the world?

The United States has had the greatest reduction of carbon in the world. Due to a lot of natural gas plants retrofitting old coal plants. And for coal plants to install new “scrubbers”.

Dr. John Schrock, who submits to The Gazette, shared with me, “New China plants are ‘clean coal’ (scrubbers) and they opened ~20 nuclear plants in the last 10 years. The cost of registering a gasoline car is about equal to its purchase price, but China charges zero if you buy an electric car, and they can’t install charge stations fast enough. That is the motivation we do not have.”

Dr. Schrock works in China and he is a good resource for information.

Again the Chinese are thrilled to tell their citizens how much better they are off compared to the poor, hungry, and very cold Americans. They tell the whole country how poorly designed our system is to their “much superior” gear.

Wow. Twenty new nuclear plants in China and our last new nuke plant was Wolf Creek decades ago.

Hundreds of brand new “clean coal” plants are being installed in China and India. OK, I don’t buy into “clean coal” as much as I admire the fact that China is providing reliable electricity to their citizens and we have been sleeping or passivizing the zealots with silly systems while China and India have not. Granted, the Chinese have installed some unreliable systems mainly for propaganda reasons, but nothing compared to their other efforts. One would be amazed at how rapidly they build a brand new coal plant.

The U.S. builds little to nothing other than solar and wind that replaces an insignificant amount of our needs. Plus due to their remote locations, they lose about 50% of their generation to line loss.

Biomass power plants are rapidly removing trees and forests all over the world. Stupid.

Here is one that they don’t want to talk about. It is called Fisher-Tropsch. It is a way to turn coal into gasoline and diesel. It is profitable with no government subsidies. The U.S. has only one very small plant in Montana that the zealots are attempting to close due to its use of coal.

On the other hand look at the success that the Chinese are having by converting coal to gasoline and diesel from millions of pounds of coal:


How are our leaders doing?:

Pres. Biden and Obama’s track record in energy is dismal. Here are a few of their failures. This doesn’t include the horrible ethanol energy boondoggles. This list is all failures, but one can find a lot more:

Abound Solar, Government’s Bad Bet: $ 790.3 million; Solyndra, Government’s Bad Bet: $570 million; A123 Systems, Government’s Bad Bet: $377.1 million; Ener1 (EnerDel, subsidiary), Government’s Bad Bet: $182.8 million; Range Fuels, Government’s Bad Bet: $162.3 million; Azure Dynamics, Government’s Bad Bet: $119.1 million; Energy Conversion Devices (subsidiary, United Solar Ovanic), Government’s Bad Bet: $110.3 million; Evergreen Solar, Inc., Government’s Bad Bet: $84.9 million; Beacon Power, Government’s Bad Bet: $77.4 million; Raser Technologies, Government’s Bad Bet: $33 million; Nordic Windpower, Government’s Bad Bet: $24.6 million; SpectraWatt, Government’s Bad Bet: $20.5 million; Konarka Technologies, Government’s Bad Bet: $13.6 million; Satcon Technology Corporation, Government’s Bad Bet: $17 million; Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Co., Government’s Bad Bet: $10.8 million; Stirling Energy Systems, Inc., Government’s Bad Bet: $10.5 million; Thompson River Power, LLC, Government’s Bad Bet: $6.5 million; Cardinal Fasteners and Specialty Co., Inc., Government’s Bad Bet: $480,000; Mountain Plaza, Inc. , Government’s Bad Bet: $424,000

Have you heard about the Crescent Dunes failure which is one of the largest? This project failed to use mirrors to direct sun lite in the desert to an elevated boiler. It is in Nevada. It was being installed by a Spanish company by the name of Solar Reserve, Cobra Energy. Even though this project is a failure and is in bankruptcy, like many of those that I list; they were paid almost in full for this failure. They blew about $700 million. I wonder if those who spent millions on the Keystone will be extended the same courtesy?

I agree with the conclusion of Michael Moore’s documentary. Less is more. We should be proud of Emporia State’s support of energy conservation efforts right here in little Emporia. I am totally convinced that via a national program of conducting Energy Conservation Measures (aka:ECMs) we could conserve a great deal more energy and make the above fiascoes a thing of the past. But I expect that there is not enough money in it and that this would result in less energy use and less money for those who see millions in systems that are not working.

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Hollowed Ground

The writer should stick to adjusting the throttles on his polluting/greenhouse gas belching, oil and gas sucking boilers of yesteryear. Keep a flask of brandy on the exhaust duct for those cold winter evenings when you're there alone making sure the pressure sensors don't freeze and shut down the whole shebang.


Hollowed Ground:

The writer kept folks warm and was dedicated to ESU. Yet Hollowed Ground puts him down. Sad state of affairs for this country when a government employee does a good job and is so disrespected by a know- nothing that probably could never operate something like what is talked about. And to imply that he should be drinking brandy on the job has to be from a lowly creature jealous of someone doing their job and sharing their knowledge.


First, Keystone. The Keystone pipeline wouldn't be moving regular crude, it would be moving bitumen. Very few refineries are equipped to handle that especially nasty stuff. It would be far shorter to pipe the tar to the great lakes or Canada's west coast where it could be shipped. They aren't going to do it because Canada refused to allow them to build the pipeline. They saw it as too much of a natural disaster waiting to happen. I certainly don't want that stuff being pumped over the largest aquifer in the U.S., especially when the first phase of the pipeline had over a dozen spills just on the U.S. side, one of them nearly 400,000 gallons. TransCanada has already admitted they had no plans to sell their product to the U.S. as they can typically get a higher price overseas.

As for wind turbines, I suspect not a single one of them froze in place due to cold weather. Wind turbines are used in northern Russia, Denmark, Antarctica, Norway, and in other very cold climates. The last report I saw from Texas is that a small number of their wind generation capacity was shut down due to icing and that wind accounted for less than 30% of the state's total power generation. A nuclear power plant as well as a number of coal and natural gas generating stations were also shut down. The claim that Texas had no power because they had wind turbines has been debunked by multiple fact-checkers.

Your complaints about Biden and Obama’s track record in energy is out of context. How many "bad bets" did the government make with the oil industry? Fossil fuels have been receiving some sort of kickbacks, subsidies, or massive tax breaks for over a century now with no end in sight. Also, how many of the companies that received some sort of assistance during the push for more green energy succeeded? Also, you should probably at least mention the Heritage Foundation when you copy-and-paste from one of their articles from nearly a decade ago.

There are other power companies in other states that are encouraging residents to install solar or wind systems and install battery storage. They even pay to use some of that stored energy when demand on the grid increases. Unfortunately here in this part of Kansas we have Evergy who wants to charge people extra for installing solar systems.


Here is a story about frozen windmills in Texas. https://www.statesman.com/story/news/2021/02/14/historic-winter-storm-freezes-texas-wind-turbines-hampering-electric-generation/4483230001/

So you are saying that this oil could now be refined. Wow, how come they were building a pipeline to get it to refineries?

Is it true that China is building numerous coil plants? Looks like it is indeed true:


Wow, I took Mr. Hartman's advise and watch Michael Moores "Earth Planet of Man"

this blew me away and again proves his point:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x7UgKfSug0 Watch is. Wow and from a liberal.

Hartman hist 100% and your failed to do so.


The Statesman is behind a paywall. There are lots of articles on the subject that aren't, like this one entitled "No, frozen wind turbines aren’t the main culprit for Texas’ power outages"


The "documentary" uses a number of outdated and incorrect information.



Winston Churchill said Americans will do the right thing when all other options are gone. We have known to have a good stable reliable backup for a long time. Even the old downtown Citizen Bank building had oil tanks as a backup. This is a new article that again verifies what Hartman is saying:



Thanks Bill for pulling the "CUTAIN" back on the lefts failures.

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