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Terminations are reportedly underway at Emporia State University, according to one source that spoke with The Gazette Thursday morning.

Faculty members have been let go in multiple departments, the source said, including the Department of English, Modern Languages, & Journalism and Counselor Education.

The news comes after the Kansas Board of Regents unanimously approved Emporia State University’s “workforce management” framework Wednesday afternoon.

The framework will allow ESU to make sweeping cuts to both programs and faculty, including faculty with tenure. ESU President Ken Hush said the move is necessary to deal with low enrollment and budget deficits, and will “transform ESU in the best interest of our students.”

The cuts are expected to affect 7% of the university as a whole. Around 2% of students are currently enrolled in programs that will be affected. Hush said announcements on the cuts could come as early as today.

Students enrolled in programs that are affected by the cuts will be allowed to finish their degrees.

Most faculty who are let go as part of the framework will also have around one year of notice and the option for three months of severance pay.

“I can confirm that ESU is notifying affected employees today,” said Gwen Larson, director of media relations at ESU. “I cannot confirm what departments they are in. We won’t have anything else to release until all affected employees are notified and we have shared with campus community.”

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jean b

Mark, you are 100% correct!

Mark W.

My family has had a strong association with ESU for over 60 years! All of the Kansas universities have enrollment decreases because that it is the legacy of the Republican control of the state legislature for many years and Republicans have zero interest in higher education! We are short an estimated 3-5 million scientists in the USA. Who is going to be the next Steve Jobs at Apple? Who is going to finally find a cure for cancer? Meanwhile, the football coach at Nebraska was fired after four straight losing seasons and was awarded a $16 million USD buyout. I love sports but this is insanity that we as a society value football more than whether our children are educated and can compete in the emerging world economy?

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