Election day is Tuesday and it has been encouraging to see the abundance of candidates vying for the locally elected positions.

Over the last several weeks there has been no shortage of fireworks in the campaigning for the three open school board positions. While most of the interest in the seats was a result of the impact of pandemic on the district, we hope that in the coming years the discussion around COVID will quiet down and attention will turn back to education, curriculum and teaching.

We hope voters vote with education in mind, not just COVID.

The school board candidates are (vote for three):

Mike Crouch

Christina Faulkner

Lillian Lingenfelter

Paul Meinke

Jami Reever

Jennifer Thomas

Emporia City Commission also has a full slate of candidates. With new leadership coming in to the city manager’s office and the Regional Development Association, the city could be heading in some new directions for the future of the city, depending on the newly elected commissioners. Obviously, we feel jobs and supporting our local and industrial businesses are some of the important priorities for the city and we need skilled, experienced and business-minded individuals on the commission.

The city commission candidates are (vote for three):

Susan Brinkman

William Garner

Danny Giefer

Jermy Hinkle

Travis Hitt

Jamie Sauder

Also, on the ballot you will see the 1% sales tax for a 15-year extension.

This tax was first adopted in 2009 and over the areas that have been funded with the county sales tax include streets and sidewalks, $14.5 million; storm water, $1.3 million; building improvements, $3.4 million; park and zoo improvements t $805,000; over $336,000 in airport improvements; and $361,000 for water system.

According to the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce: The proceeds from tax extension will continue to be used for capital needs, split among Lyon County and the incorporated cities within the county. The dollars generated by this tax source have provided our cities and our county with resources to invest in a wide array of projects, as well as maintain — or even lower — the mill levy.

We support the continuation of this tax but believe citizens need to hold elected officials accountable for reducing expenses as well as lowering the mill levy.

Want to learn more? If you go to www.emporiagazette.com, www. KVOE.com or the Emporia Chamber of Commerce and you can find detailed information on each candidate and the issues.

In local elections each vote counts and can make the difference of someone winning or not winning. The issues are important so make sure to vote on Tuesday.

Chris Walker

Editor & Publisher

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