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Lyon County saw an increased voter turnout compared to the 2017 election cycle, which also featured municipal and school board races.

Out of 19,504 registered voters in the county, 5,356 — 27.41 percent — cast a ballot. That is up from 22 percent in 2017.

Many of those votes were tallied by voters in the USD 251 North Lyon County School district. Four positions on the Board of Education were up for election, and each race saw at least two people throw their hat in the ring.

Newcomer Gary Heine will join incumbents David Goldsmith Jr., Angela Anderson and current Board President Matt Horton. Heine won the seat for District 1 with 166 - 136 victory over incumbent Wendy Linsey.

The closest race was for the board’s at-large position. Horton was able to withstand a tough challenge from Thomas Cushing, 439-416. Anderson was triumphant in the District 3 race, claiming 184 votes compared to 71 for Erin Calhoun-Page and 67 for Matt Gehring. Goldsmith (District 2) knocked off challenger Lynn McAllister 141-80.

Also in the northern part of the county, five candidates were vying for one of three seats on the Americus City Council. Nicky Nuessen (124), Larry (Stonie) Birk (102) and Kayla Burton (80) won the three seats. Veronica Dean fell just shy with 75 votes with Jason Dye picking up 54 votes.

One of the four school board seats in USD 252 Southern Lyon County was contested. That was in the race for position 1 on the board.

Gene Windle narrowly won the seat with 196 votes. That was enough to defeat Amanda Bess and her 178 votes, while James D Cole Cassity garnered 68 votes. Kevin J. Flott, Emily Darbyshire and Charles Steffes also claimed seats on the USD 252 Board of Education.

Lyon County results:

USD 251 School Board

District 1, Position 1: (1 seat)

Gary Heine: 166

Wendy Linsey: 136

USD 251 District 2,

Position 2: (1 seat)

David Goldsmith Jr.: 141

Lynn McAllister: 80

USD 251 District 3,

Position 3: (1 seat)

Angela Anderson: 184

Erin Calhoun-Piper: 71

Matt Gehring: 67

USD 251 At-large (1 seat)

Matt Horton: 439

Thomas Cushing: 416

USD 252 Position 1 (1 seat)

Gene Windle: 196

Amanda Bess: 178

James Cole D Cassity: 68

USD 252 Position 4 (1 seat)

Kevin J. Flott: 427

Write-in total: 4

USD 252 Position 5 (1 seat)

Emily Darbyshire: 424

Write-in total: 5

USD 252 at large (1 seat)

Charles Steffes: 412

Write-in total 11

City of Admire Council (2 seats)

Robert D. Reust: 34

Write-in totals: 15

City of Allen Mayor

Charles Eastman: 48

City of Allen Council

(2 seats)

Sidney S. Conger: 34

Write-in total: 27

City of Hartford Mayor

Kenny Hamman: 81

Write-in total 7

Hartford City Council

Position 1

Jennifer Hamman: 60

Write-in total: 27

Hartford City Council

Position 3:

Lori Fields: 88

Write-in total 3

Hartford City Council

Position 5:

Yvonne R. Gardner: 90

Write-in total: 0

Americus City Council

(3 seats)

Nicky Nuessen: 124

Larry (Stonie) Birk: 102

Veronica Dean: 75

Kayla Burton: 80

Jason Dye: 54

Bushong City Council

(3 seats)

Aaron C. Atchison: 4

Henry Freeman: 4

Manuel L. Jackson: 4

Neosho Rapids City Council (5 seats)

Larry W. Massenthin: 37

Karla J. Mendoza: 41

Brian Shank: 51

Dallas Shepherd: 45

Write-in total: 53

Olpe City Council (2 seats)

Kyle Cole: 81

Write-in total: 14

Reading City Council

(3 seats)

Marc Atchison: 26

Malonne Davies: 43

Billy D. Paige: 40

Write-in total: 33

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