Lyon County saw a large jump in COVID-19 recoveries — and hospitalizations — Tuesday afternoon, with 15 new recoveries reported by Lyon County Public Health officials.

Six patients are now listed as hospitalized at Newman Regional Health. The hospital — which has six ICU beds, 25 regular beds and 21 staffed beds — has had 43 COVID-positive admissions since March.

Four new positives for the novel coronavirus were also reported, bringing the number of active cases to 68. To date, 624 cases have been reported including 546 recoveries and nine deaths.

Public Health officials also confirmed the ninth COVID-related death Tuesday, a white male in his 70s, who died July 22.

We received some questions from readers about the delay in reporting the cause of death. According to Lyon County Public Health Nurse Melissa Smith, said not all COVID-positive patient deaths are automatically considered COVID-related.

Underlying conditions and other medical issues are considered and ruled out prior to a cause of death being determined.

“We can not assume that when someone is positive for COVID and they pass away, that the reason for death is COVID,” Smith said. “There are times when the patient was critically or chronically ill prior to becoming positive with COVID. In these cases, the death may not be ruled to be caused by COVID. With these situations we must wait for the death certificate to be completed to clarify what is listed as the actual cause of death.”

Lyon County is currently tracking four active clusters of the novel coronavirus, across private industry, long-term care and sports practices and games.

There are currently two active clusters associated with private industry with six active cases out of 141 total infections, and one death.

Long-term care facilities have two active clusters with 30 active cases out of 52 reported infections. There have been two reported deaths.

The newest cluster is related to youth sports. Three total cases with two active infections have been reported as of Tuesday.

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jean b

Hollowed Ground and Seetheforestnotthetrees are 100% correct in my opinion. If someone has underlying conditions and gets Covid19 and dies, he died of Covid19. Otherwise he'd still be plugging along. It looks like, at least in Kansas, we are severely undercounting Covid19 deaths because it is the rare person who reaches age 65-70 without some underlying condition. So if their death is going to be attributed to the underlying condition instead of Covid19 we are definitely undercounting. The life expectancy in Kansas for males is 76.29 and females 80,75. The "average" means it takes into account people who die at all ages, including overdoses and car accidents, of cancer, suicide, etc. Many old folk live much longer than the "average".

Hollowed Ground

Looks like Nurse Smith is cooking the books. Conclusion: Smith is lying. Covid deaths are higher than reported. Stay the heck away from people without masks. You don't know what they're carrying and neither do they, nor do they care.


So let me get this straight. A guy who is in perfect health gets covid-19, gets sick and dies. His death is reported as covid related. However, a guy with diabetes, asthma and a heart condition gets covid-19 and, because of how the virus attacks those people virulently, all those conditions worsen. He is taken to the hospital, ends up in ICU, intubated. And then he dies. But depending on whichever item kills him that's what they report? But he would have been fine had he not gotten Covid!

I've heard tons of people on the right say "they didn't really have that many people die of it in NY. They were saying car accident deaths were covid-19 deaths" with absolutely no proof whatsoever besides hearsay crap spewed by politicians who haven't told the truth since they were borne into their gilded cribs. What this says to me is depending on what the examiner or the person in charge of the numbers feels/believes/decides is the one thing that person died from whether or not it's coronavirus brought on or not then they can put that down. Skewing the county numbers through omission. But you're gonna make crap up about current events: virus is a hoax/masks are turning us into sheep/there's not really a change shortage etc etc etc to suit whatever we are unable to absorb into our thick heads. Hence the idiots at county not following up on doing their part to make the jerks who won't wear masks do what everyone who cares about others is already doing. Jarom Smith and everyone else who live in that imaginary world where FACTS don't matter and neither do the people dieing should be brought up on charges of "failure to protect the public during a public emergency". How many more need to die before it's worth wearing a damn mask? Cmon Jarom! What's the Answer to that? Is it worth 1000 lives? 100? 10? Or is there no amount of life that makes it worth wearing a mask and not just saying you do in businesses when you shop?

Hollowed Ground

And there are about 40 million diabetics in the nation, and that's just the known cases. Figure another 35 million are diabetic but don't know it. There's potentially 75 million deaths Covid right there that Nurse Smith would record as "kidney failure" or "complications of diabetes" or something like that.

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