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Emporia native Clint Bowyer is a celebrity in his own right as a well-known and successful NASCAR driver.

Sunday, even he didn’t know what to think knowing he was about to meet “the leader of the free world.”

US President Donald Trump was on-hand for the 62nd running of the Daytona 500, the first and possibly biggest race on the NASCAR schedule. Trump was there to serve as Grand Marshal.

The race ended up being postponed until Monday due to heavy rain, but Bowyer was still able to get his photo taken with the POTUS himself. He later posted the photo on Instagram and reacted to the meeting.

“Not going to lie, I had no idea what to expect,” Bowyer wrote in the photo’s caption. “The man walked in shook all our hands, took selfies, and whatever we asked of him. I judge people on how they treat me and others I’m with, and that’s why I really appreciated meeting @POTUS. thanks for coming to #DAYTONA500.”

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Bowyer, just like trump, is not someone to look up to


Aim High says, "I hear if your opinion is different from that of the authors, you need to submit your own article to the gazette for approval and possible publication." Then why is there a discussion section? Then of course if we all submitted articles, the paper wouldn't be as thin as it is and they might even sell ads for that section. Now there's an idea. Get these old dogs riled up enough and there will be plenty to publish. Remember the Somali time when the opinions ran rampant? Sold a lot of papers I hear.


Oh I agree the comments are plenty adequate for discussing differing opinions. My suggestion is just what I was told to do by someone who didn't agree with what I was saying. Telling someone to write their own articles instead of just using the comment section just to avoid the elephant in the room is saaaad! Reporting and deleting comments you don't agree with is even worse!

Just yesterday a Fox news panel was discussing Pete Buttigeg's personal relationship with his husband, shaming him for kissing his husband on the debate stage before going on about how the left is responsible for the "moral decay" of our country... Then when Jessica Tarlov brought up how Trump has been married 3 times and cheated on all 3 of his wives, she was immediatley scolded and told not to talk about Trump's personal relationshiops.... saaaad!

Very sad how fragile the Republican party has become.


Republicans believe they are God. While they can rail against Democrats, they do not permit criticism, or just different points of view. Conservatives Still Support the South in the Civil War. They only allow for freedom of speech for THEMSELVES. I am "up there in years", Republicans/Conservatives have always strongly criticized Democrats. But, they have such thin skin, they can't take it when it comes back to them.


I do not think Republicans believe they are God.


You are right. They believe they are better, above God. They believe that Republicans are Above God, they believe that God is a Sweat Hog!

Gary Lukert

Aim High, I have, over the years had around letters printed in the Gazette. I am not a stranger.


I left out the number of Letters of mine the Gazette has printed. 25


So now you can't take a picture with the President and shake his hand because the democrats will go crazy. I didn't like Obama but I would shake his hand just because he was the President. The democrats have gone mad.


Mass hysteria! After the Iowa caucus.......... And, then so many "feeling the Bern"....... They don't know which end is up! They are in a state of panic, or maybe paranoia about President Trump like nothing ever displayed in the history of our country!

Gary Lukert

Trump is a Crooked, Lying Thug! Trump is a Criminal!

Gary Lukert

Great! Your GOAT has been Got! You have no decency! You Support the Thug, The Mobster!


There needs to be an automatic "sticky note" that appears at the beginning of the comments section whenever the Gazette prints an article mentioning President Trump: "Justice81 disapproves of anything Trump." That would save Justice81 time which he could spend trying to figure out how the heck the Dems aren't going to be defeated again in the 2020 election, as they need all the help that they get. : )

Gary Lukert

Well, when Obama was President, there were many that OPPOSED everything Pro Obama. You are LIKE Trump, You don't want allow any opposition for yourself. BUT, it is OK for YOU to oppose everything the other side sides. Trump is Evil. Trump is a Liar. Trump is a Thug! He is a Mob Boss (The Republicans Mob Boss.) Like dictatorships...North Korea for example, those with different viewpoints...if they are lucky...just get Executed! Trump lied about OBAMA not being born in the United States. If he could have found even a trace of truth in that, he would have published it!

Gary Lukert

What did you or any Republican ever approve of Obama?


I HAD Always wanted Clint Bowyer to win every race. That has changed, I hope he finishes last in every Race now. He is Supportive of a Lying Thug, Donald Trump! And, Trump is a Thug, a Mob Boss! And, since most republicans support him enthusiastically, I question their INTEGRITY. (But, Republicans have NO Integrity!


I question everyone's and anyone's Integrity for SUPPORTING Donald Trump, who is a Lying Hog! He is an admitted Sexual Offender...with his "grabbing" females in "their area!" As for Drinking, I do not smoke or drink. Which, I guess Republicans Hate! (I have "used" Cuss words---which YOU outta like, because Trump Does!) By the way, since you or someone "reported" my Comments, I Reported Yours


I don't understand why anyone would report your comments. You did not threaten anyone or even use profanity. Strange.

Gary Lukert

Had you seen the deleted comments? There were no threats, no, for one thing, I know the won't be posted anyway.

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