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The Kansas Department of Revenue’s Division of Vehicles announced Tuesday the launch of KnowTo Drive Online — a web-based version of its driver’s testing exam.

The exam is powered by Intellectual Technology, Inc.

According to a written release from KDOR, the testing service adds to the department’s expanding online services it provides and allows Kansans to take their written driver’s license tests “from the comfort of their home.”

“The availability of an online written test has been on our list of customer service enhancements and we are happy to finally announce its arrival,” said David Harper, Director of the Division of Vehicles. “This testing portal, coupled with our other online services, should greatly decrease the number of customers in the office and considerably reduce the duration of customer visits.”

Kansas is the latest state to offer testing through KnowTo Drive Online. ITI also hosts self-service kiosks in 13 states, which help motor vehicle agencies extend services to grocery stores and other places of convenience.

The KnowTo Drive Online testing portal is available 24/7 on the Division of Vehicles’ website at http://ksrevenue.org/vehicles. Fees are $10 for the first test and $8.50 for any re-test.

If preferred, the Kansas Driver’s License written version of the test will still be available to be taken in the office.

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Good point, Crop. I say the same thing about on-line college courses. As far as the drivers test, I'm sure that those that profess to not speak English will do quite well reading and passing the test. Just wondering, how does one do the eye test on line?


Now, now. Picking on non English speakers are you? Does that include people from the deep south? What about those who simply don't have what it takes to pass this test, regardless of being English speaking? And no, you'd do the eye test when you took your regular driver's road test. Can't very well do that online. Or can you?


Create: What I really had in mind was anyone no matter what their age, race religion or color. Online just leaves open to much room for cheating. I.E. someone else doing the test for whoever can't read, write or comprehend. Leave it up to a liberal to throw prejudice into a conversation that was not there to begin with.


Look closer at create's response, 'Dusty. It wasn't directed to you or your response on the 6th. create was calling out Ril's dogwhistle to racism when he shifts your comment persons who find difficulty reading and writing to non-English speakers. Ril's comment contained prejudice, whether or not your own comment did. create's callout was to Ril, not you.


I wonder how many people will be able to pass this test when they couldn't if they had to do it in person? We already got enough illiterates out on the road now.

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