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Nearly 87 percent of local COVID-19 cases have been listed as recovered, according to the latest report from Lyon County Public Health.

As of Tuesday, the health department was reporting one new test case and 16 new recoveries, bringing the overall totals 369 cases overall and 319 recovered.

There have been three deaths associated with the novel coronavirus locally.

There are currently 47 active cases with one hospitalization in Emporia and at least two patients at tertiary hospitals in critical condition.

Phase 2

The report comes as Gov. Laura Kelly announced the state is ready to move into Phase 2 of the Ad Astra reopening plan Friday, instead of June 1.

According to The Associated Press, the maximum size of mass gatherings will increase from 10 to 15 people, and state-owned casinos can reopen, along with theaters, museums, bowling alleys and other indoor leisure places. Sports tournaments and practices also can resume, with some exceptions.

Bars, nightclubs and swimming pools must stay closed for now, and individual communities can approve stricter rules.

Lyon County Public Health officials told The Emporia Gazette Tuesday that they would not hold the county back from moving into the next phase.

“Lyon County will be moving into Phase 2 on Friday,” Brandon Stiner, marketing manager for the Flint Hills Community Health Center, said.

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Seems odd to me that state casino's can open but other casino's aren't mentioned. I guess that means she's more interested in the states tax money


It appears that UnConstitutional Kelly feels like she is going to have to listen to the residents of Kansas rather the liberal political hacks, which is most likely due to the elections and her fellow Democrats not appreciating the crap she has been pulling since she got her crown, I mean, her emergency powers. Good for us!


The actions of Governor Kelly and nearly every other governor in the United States are constitutional and looking at the numbers Kelly has done an excellent job. I find it fascinating that people like Wagel are up in arms over the restrictions demanding the state open immediately but she herself has decided not to go to work for weeks. In fact, Wagel and the rest of the Kansas legislature will show up for a single day during which they won't be allowed to do anything but complain about the job Kelly has done, and then run off and hide again.


"Kelly's own chief counsel has conceded that the governor's authority to issue rolling declarations was an open questions"

James Bordonaro

I guess you must also really hate President Trump who said that Gov. Kelly has being doing an excellent job.

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