Sending federal law enforcement officers into American cities is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine that a Democratic president, say Barack Obama, decided that federal forces should go into Dallas and Fort Worth to protect undocumented workers. Imagine that a Democratic president, say Hillary Clinton, decided to send federal troops into Nashville to protect transgender people.

What would the reaction of Fox News and Republican leaders be? What would they say? It’s easy enough to imagine their furious tirades against government overreach.

The only reason this thought experiment seems funny is because few could contemplate Democratic presidents would dare to do such a thing, especially given the probably response from their political opponents.

So now let’s look at reality. President Donald Trump, acting expressly against the wishes of local officials, has been sending federal law enforcement officers to Portland, Oregon. He has talked about sending them to Chicago and Kansas City.

Why? Well, the president’s cable network of choice has portrayed these cities as scenes of violent anarchy. As the pandemic rages, he is desperate to change the subject. And protesters have continued to gather across the country to raise their voices in support of racial justice and social transformation. The targets are right there.

Sending in federal forces is playing with fire. There’s little indication that local leaders wanted or asked for Trump’s help. They are actively speaking out against his decision now.

The federal government must be transparent and cautious about federalizing law enforcement in America’s cities. The job is meant to be done at a local level to preserve local accountability. Police forces who obscure their names and ID numbers, who operate in unmarked vehicles, who answer only to the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., are not suited for this work.

Some have called the federal government’s actions fascist or fundamentally antidemocratic. That seems extreme, especially given how immediate the outcry has been and how quickly the government has been taken to court. Accountability will happen.

But let’s be real. No Republican would stand for a Democratic president behaving in such a way. They wouldn’t be restrained in their rhetoric, no matter the motivation. And no one, no matter their party, should stand for such behavior now.

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KB Thomas

I would like the Gazette to poll people on what party would be most likely to lead America down the road to dictorship.


Say Barack Obama, decided that federal forces should go into Dallas and Fort Worth to protect undocumented workers??

I do not recall any group of Illegal immigrants burning American cities?? Nor do I recall either political party standing behind such behaviour and calling it peaceful .....Until Now! This is a horrible analogy/ What If..... If the elected DEMOCRATIC officials in those cities did their job instead of worrying about their reelection then Federal troops would not be needed to do it for them! First job of elected official is Public Safety!! It in the oath of office!!! Furthermore if the owners of the Emporia Gazzette were not a bunch of Liberals they would report both sides of the news instead of copying some OP/ED out of the Washington ComPost!!!

KB Thomas

Review The Spector of Comminism Special Series Ep.7 Infiltrating the West pt. 1 and then go to pt.2.....very enlightening for freedom loving people..

KB Thomas

Review How the Spector of Communism is Ruling our World Video YouTube.

Gary Lukert

With Donald Trump, we are headed for a Dictatorship. Then, we'll see how long the Guns last. Also, no Freedom of Speech. Actually, Trump only does ONE THING, every Day....Same thing all day, every day, Week,month, is SELF

ENRICHMENT. However, Trump isn't the worst---the Worst: Republicans who support him without question! As for Religion, is he the way Christ would act, do. Trump has NO Compassion. He bold face lies Every day. Actually, Trump is the President of the Confederacy. He loves all of the Slavery Generals. Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis were traitors. Should have been Hung!

KB Thomas

Alex Jones interviews Rodney Howard Browne over New book.

KB Thomas

Review The Good Life Dr. Rodney Howard Browne. Video......a good one!

KB Thomas

Review Killing Uncle Sam video........This is a real eye oponer.

KB Thomas

The Dems are betting on the stupidity of the American public. This is the most important election in my lifetime. The new world order people and the Dems are pulling out all the stops but, Trump is someone the war mongers and international bankers can not control.

KB Thomas

Review Tom D'Ambra Ep.39 Who's Media?

KB Thomas

"All that is necessary for evil to triump is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

Gary Lukert

KB, Are you NOT Now supporting Trump?


"Some have called the federal government’s actions fascist or fundamentally antidemocratic. That seems extreme, especially given how immediate the outcry has been and how quickly the government has been taken to court."

Perhaps these actions do not rise to the level of fascism or antidemocracy. They are, however, anti-federalist, anti-Constitutional, and authoritarian. Congress and the courts ought to immediately act to make clear this action is executive overreach. The courts ought to order the withdrawal of Federal personnel for unrequested and non-Federal enforcement actions. Congress ought to remove any funding used for these anti-Constitutional actions, with penalties including criminal prosecutions for those in charge of agencies involved.

Nanny Ogg

Unfortunately, there are scant Congress approved heads of agencies. There are temporary agency heads who will cycle out with alarming frequency. It’s rather like the game plan of a spurious past local contractor who would cheat his customers and declared bankruptcy over and over but would default on his payment to his lawyers. Finally there was no lawyer who could take a case against him because it would be a conflict of interest if they did. Trump has striped agencies of reasonable leadership and crippled their abilities by the sheer volume of appointees waiting to be vetted.

Gary Lukert

These Actions are "PRE DICTATORSHIP", AND Most Republicans...especially those in Congress, are doing everything they can to make it happen! Look At Trump, Trump is Deranged! He is double guilty of and and all Charges! And, Should this come to pass, the first Thing Trump and the Republicans will do is TAKE AWAY EVERYONE'S GUNS!

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