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Charges are not likely to be filed in a deadly collision involving a cyclist on the eve of Unbound Gravel, a state trooper suggested Tuesday.

“If the bicyclist pulled out in front of that truck, there probably won’t be any citations issued,” Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Rick Wingate said.

A KHP report filed Friday evening said Gregory Bachman, 61, of Frisco, Colorado was heading north on Road F as a pickup traveled west on Road 190.

“Vehicle One [Bachman] entered the intersection and struck Vehicle Two,” the report said. Bachman died at the scene.

“If Vehicle One is listed, that’s usually the person who’s at fault,” Wingate said. “Who are you going to write the ticket to?”

Pickup driver Cory Smith, 52, of Emporia was not hurt. An aide to the Lyon County Attorney said Tuesday that office has not received any recommended charges against Smith from law enforcement.

“Bicyclists are supposed to always obey the traffic laws,” Wingate said. “But because they don’t have any protection, they usually have the right of way.”

Wingate noted a final report on fatal crashes usually takes more than 10 days to prepare.

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Ma Barker

Sorry for the loss of life. The sad fact is you have to obey stop signs, and Sunday I saw two separate incidents of bicyclists NOT stopping but zipping right across the road. Several years ago I observed right in front of the pickup I was driving, in the town of Americus, a child probably no more than ten years old disobeying a stop sign and pulling out ahead of me. Maybe law enforcement could take time out of their admittedly busy schedules to educate school children about bicycle/traffic laws. I know that's a far piece from the deceased gentleman's age, but perhaps he was just caught up in the excitement of the bicycle race.

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