Morris County Hospital

Two Council Grove residents who recently traveled to the Caribbean have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Morris County Public Health Department, according to a written release sent by Public Information Officer William Kassebaum received by The Emporia Gazette Wednesday night.

According to the release, the individuals tested positive Wednesday in Morris County.

The individuals reportedly visited several locations while symptomatic including:

  • Watts Coffee on March 12 and 13 in the morning
  • Rays Apple Market March 12 mid-morning
  • Life Center March 13 morning
  • Twin Lakes Liquor Store March 13 mid-afternoon
  • Ad Astra Restaurant March 13 6:30 p.m.

The individuals contacted The Gazette Thursday disputing that they were "symptomatic" while visiting those locations. After reaching out to the Morris County Health Department for further comment, The Gazette received the following statement from Kassebaum:

"Morris County health officials have reviewed their records and stand behind the statement that was released last night," Thursday's statement read.

The health department is urging everyone to call their health provider if they believe they have been exposed and have symptoms of COVID-19.

Symptoms include a temperature of 100 or higher, cough and shortness of breath.

“You are reminded to follow CDC guidelines, wash your hands often, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and stay calm,” Kassebaum said.

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I agree with the comment earlier about the kids all over town while out of schoo!. If these kids can't stay home without playing with their friends and wondering around town then what's the point of canceling school. Here in Lebo kids are doing a good job of playing at home because I don't see a lot of kids outside. I know there's not a lot of things to do here in Lebo for kids so that's probably why most of them are at home.


Putting it in prospective: The estimates for the 2019-2020 flu season (vaccine is available) is deaths of between 22,000 and 55,000 with 36,000,000 - 51,000,000 illnesses and 370,000 to 670,000 hospitalizations. There is good news in China per the morning news that they have had no new reported cases in the last 24 hours, and if/when this continues for 14 days, and experts say that if this continues for 14 days, the outbreak will be considered over! Also, it is troubling that the media kept saying that younger people did not seem to be contracting it giving them a false sense of security, and now, ages 20 to 54 are 40% of the hospitalized in the US. I often wonder, since it appears all the kids are out and about, if closing the schools won't increase the risk for many children who are acting like this is vacation time and roaming around in the public. And, as far as the couple, they should have been self-quarantining after returning from a cruise. Our biggest issue seems to be having let people back into the country that left on their vacations and brought this back to us.


Snowgypsy—to put your flu numbers into perspective, an epidemiological analysis by British researchers estimates that 2 million Americans will die if we do nothing (ie no social distancing). We can reduce it to 1 million with social distancing. This analysis is what changed the president’s tone, and also convinced Britain to abandon the “herd immunity” plan. China isn’t out of the woods. As soon as they relax their measures, cases will go up again. It’s best to not attempt to make people complacent about this disease—it is dangerous.


So far, there have been 9,386 deaths worldwide with 86,254 recovering from the corona virus. Those recovering actually were diagnosed with many others walking around with the virus experiencing no symptoms. Is it better to grab some figures and predict the death of 1 million Americans when no one, including the British, has any idea what time will do to the virus? Did they actually say "will die", the million? No, they said "Could" as I googled it. "Could"? Seriously, it is best to read and comprehend an entire article when one chooses to quote from it. The virus has been circulating since at least last November. Good grief, putting in print that 1 million Americans will die? No one knows how the virus will "perform" in the USA, and we are not China, South Korea, Italy or Britain. If you read somewhere that 1 million Americans "will" die, please quote your source.


Be careful of the rumors spreading: Also: which states the corona virus can survive 24 hours on cardboard, up to 72 hours on steel or plastic surfaces. Infectious disease experts believe that the primary way the disease spreads is person-to-person. Airborne - in the air- up to 3 hours, but most likely falling before that time. In the case of the corona virus, "Ignorance" is not bliss! Again, there are reliable medical and science resources, I lean toward science resources, that will provide you with accurate information about the corona virus. Please be intelligent enough to not consider the corona virus a political issue as that is where you will be misinformed time and time again.


Wow factual information and reliable websites from SnowGypsy.... even a link from the CDC... I am impressed! Just the other day you said "I trust nothing that the CDC says, nothing due to their inability to tell the truth." Taking the CDC information seriously is a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully other conservatives are also now leaning towards science resources also.

I haven't heard the rumors you're talking about yet, but the info the virus lives several hours in the air and a few days on hard surfaces has been out there for quite a while now. Hopefully this thing is turning the corner now that we have the "its a hoax" people taking this more seriously.


I don't trust the CDC, but the "herd" does, so I linked that in for them. Three hours in the air, but most likely falls before that time. Hard surfaces like plastic and stainless steel, 72 hours, cardboard 24 hours, and experts are still thinking that person-to-person is the major mode of transportation for the virus. No one was saying it was a hoax, maybe something you heard CNN accusing the GOP of since you insist on making this a political issue to help your "boy" Biden out. Let's face it, you'll post a million people will die in the US of the corona virus, and then find a place to accuse Trump of not controlling a virus that no one else in the world has been able to control.

The concern for everyone in the area should be the Dirty Kanza with 3,400 participants coming from all corners of the world. Will it make a difference if the schools and businesses are closed? I guess we'll see what they decide May 1.

The "science" of the CDC has been clouded by funding from big pharma. Obviously, you are not aware of the issues with some of the information they have fed the public in the past, and the President just recently:


SnowGypsy says "I don't trust the CDC, but I'll repeat a bunch of their correct information the "herd" has been saying for the past week to make myself sound smart."

The "herd" are the only ones who took this seriously from the beginning, and It's good to see you're now spreading correct facts from trusted sources, have and quit calling this mild flu, common cold with a headache stuff. Most will live, but many are dying.

Trumps exact words were... "their new hoax". Plenty of videos on youtube if you care to see. I also explained the context of his statement a while back. He doesn't say that anymore, he calls it what the "herd" has been calling it, a pandemic. Trump has a lot of blame in this, and his insults and hoax accusations are what really made this a "political issue"

Also saying things like "you insist on making this a political issue" followed up by "to help your boy Biden out" REALLY shows how intelligent you are. I see you're still infatuated with Joe... you should know better than anyone here that I'm an unaffiliated voter with enough brains to look beyond (R) or (D). If anyone should be buddies with Biden it's you, because he is more of a Republican than Trump. Trump immediately jumps to a socialist ideas and Republicans say nothing, don't even ask "how are we gunna pay fer it?" Saad! I really am proud of you for taking the time to read actual scientific sources. Maybe next we can get you brushed up on the benefits of vaccinations.


This virus is being spread by people unaware they have it... 50% of infected people in Italy have shown zero symptoms, and the mortality rate is still rising. They are now seeing over 4k new cases every day even with their quarantine. If you've been to walmart or other any store where large crowds are or have previously been there's a good chance you could be infected. People are predicting hospitals will start to be overwhelmed on Friday... this virus is extremely contagious. It can live for several hours in the air and for days on hard surfaces. I've even been letting amazon packages sit in the corner a few days before opening them. Be mindful and proactive!

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