Lyon County Sheriff

At approximately 2 a.m. Friday morning, Lyon County Deputies and Lyon County/Emporia Fire/EMS were dispatched to the 2400 block of Road F for a report of an injury accident.

Lyon County Deputies arrived on scene and found a 2010 Chevrolet Impala in the creek on the east side of the road. The driver was identified as 21-year-old Howard Wesley Brammell II of Admire. The two passengers of the vehicle were identified as 16-year-old Savannah Ray and 19-year-old Michael Codney, both of Emporia.

It was determined all occupants were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident. The three occupants of the vehicle sustained minor injuries with one being transported by Lyon County/Emporia EMS to Newman Regional Hospital.

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Your comment is disrespectful to the families & our community, please keep your mouth shut no one needs to hear your assumptions, my grown kids drive that road all the time at 2am travelling with younger friends, going between manhattan & emporia, it's a road of travel. And its noones business Manhattan & Emporia are both working towns where they r 24 hours open. We work, & we do travel at odd times as we work nights. It's none of your business to publicly criticize someone u dont know. Its downright disgusting that you have such a attitude. We just lost a 30 year old father of 4 in our family to a car crash at night. Tires blow, not everybody's car is 25k & perfect. Bless the parents for getting their family home safe & alive after a accident. You do not know the pain of someone not coming home. Shameful your attitude is seen by all your neighbors. As weve lost many teens on that road that we would love to get back. This isn't the 1st on that road. & let me tell you that's a crappy road on a good day at 40 mph. I suggest the county use some money to fix it. No body else's county has dips & a road that bad. Everytime theres a wreck everyone blames the driver...have you driven those roads? Theve never been fixed since the ibp semis angled them with their weight. And that's 25 years?

Hollowed Ground

Let's see. Two young men and one young woman in a car at 2 am, and the car goes into a creek. Not hard to determine what caused that. At least they came away with an appreciation of the benefits of mandatory seat belt installation and their use. For decades in the past, many young had to die while auto makers fought seat belt rules, so future young could live.


If you don’t know the whole story please don’t say anything yes he’s my brother and i know the whole story and what happened I’m promise I’m not trying to be rude but he went to hangout with friends with permission and swerved to miss the deer the ran in front of him then he hit the tree and ended up in a creek if they didn’t end up in the creek I would have lost him or if they weren’t wearing their seat belts I would have lost him but please don’t make the situation something it’s not I have to deal with a bunch of stuff already and that happening only made it worse I don’t need people commenting stuff that isn’t even true if they don’t know the whole story

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