History is a remarkable thing.

When written for political purposes history often loses its truth. One side may well see a person as a hero while the other side sees the same man as Satan.

We are told that the happenings in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6 were underrepresented and they were a threat to our nation.

While I totally agree that the happenings in Washington were bad, I totally disagree with those who tilt our history for their own prejudices or political views.

I would like to point out what Mr. William Allen White said, “That it will happen in Kansas first.”

I will charge you with exactly what I tell many of the students in history classes that I might be fortunate to substitute for as a history teacher. I charge them to please not to take every account in history as a fact until you look it up for yourself from several accounts.

Here is what I hope will be an interesting bit of history for you to ponder.

There were two political parties who clearly thought that they had won the election.

These folks were ready to show up the other party by taking the Capitol by force. They would then turn over the election to their side.

Even though there were still a few contests being contested, one side knew that they had won and that there was cheating going on. So they took action. One party locked themselves into the House Chambers in the Capitol.

The opposing party used many sledgehammers to break down the doors inside the Capital to gain access to the House Chambers.

The opposing party locked themselves into the House Chambers which resulted in a three-day occupation.

It took the governor’s action to call the State’s Militia to put an end to this seditious act.

These acts of anarchy were reported by all the newspapers around the world

This insurrection happened in Kansas in 1893. They were the result of the two main political parties going “to War” over the results of the 1892 Kansas State Election results. (The Populists and The Republicans)

These horrible events came to an end when Kansas Governor Lewelling called out the State Militia and his Sergeant-at-Arms; Mr. R.B. Welch. These men entered the Capitol building in Topeka to forcefully discharge the Populists who had locked themselves into the House Chambers. Every man was well armed with the most modern of assault weapons. In many cases, these arms were the brand new Winchester Model 1893 pump-action shotgun, which put fear into the Populists. The Army also showed up with the new Gatling Gun for extra power against their fellow Jayhawkers. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a22451/history-gatling-gun.

These events would be put to an end via the Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the Republicans over the Populists.

Frank Leslie’s “Illustrated Weekly” could not print enough copies of these exciting mob actions which happened in Topeka in 1893.

I would say that Mr. White was correct that it often happens first in Kansas.

Those that tell you that the very inappropriate actions in Washington, D.C. are unprecedented in America are full of beans as the example above would point out. Also, recall that the British in two wars with us felt that we were anarchists against the Crown; all the while that we thought that we were freedom fighters.

More importantly, we seem to always rally for our country and somehow make this wonderful democratic republic to work and survive.

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Didn't smarter than though Democrats used to go around saying that dissent was a good thing? So 1 party in control an the 2nd party subservient to the 1st . 1 idea 1 way an UNITY , Sounds like the USSR or PRC .Not 1 court even heard the evidence , you have to hear the case to find one way or the other. I mean 100,000 votes in a suitcase come in at 2 am all the time, even though the polls had been closed for hours, Say Coffee county had produced 300,000 votes all 1 way , being that is more than how many people live there would questioning the validity be "disenfranchising" those votes.


There is no evidence... there was never 100,000 votes in a suitcase... Think about how thick a 1000 page bundle of printer paper is, and how a ballot is even longer in length... now think about trying to carry 100 of those bundles of printer paper that would weigh over 500 pounds in a suitcase... genius. The correct answer is there was a typo that was quickly corrected. The conservative fake news quickly fabricated a story about suitcases showing up at night, and gullible idiots ate it up. Sad!

There was also no county that voted all one way either. More fake news, Lol.


Hollowed Ground what do you have going on in your head? You must just like to hear it rattle and forget the obvious. So maybe you need a little help with this very interesting bit of history that is most important. Mr. Hartman is drawing a parallel. Realizing that; then what part of "war" do you see as a positive? What part of "happenings were "bad" do you see as a cover up? What part of this little known bit of history is false? In that this is indeed a parallel how is it that "seditious acts" or acts of anarchy" are in any way a cover up. Is the term that he uses of "mob" a supportive term or his use of "insurrection" a cover up? How is being seen as "anarchists" supportive if his account is indeed, which it clearly is, a parallel? How can his clear support of our Union be bad? Hollowed Ground you are indeed just plain wrong. Thank goodness for folks bringing out some great history and supporting our Union.

Hollowed Ground

This letter is just another attempt to whitewash the recent insurrection at the Capitol by pointing out some similar historical event and dismissing it as simply an "inappropriate". Ha! "Inappropriate"! When someone belches at the dinner table, that's "inappropriate". This "inappropriate" action was pure domestic terrorism and insurrection. It was directly, knowingly and willingly incited by none other than the president itself, supposedly sworn to defend the Constitution, endorsed and supported by dozens of Republican Representatives and Senators who still continue to do so despite having been similarly sworn, and facilitated by insurrectionists in the military and police. The goal was to trash the 50 state certifications of the election results and EC ballots (some say 'overturn' but that term signifies a sanctioned process, which this was not) and instill an un-elected man in the presidency, killing whoever stood in their way. One wonders how it would have proceeded had Pence been killed, since he is the one perceived by the mob to be able to do what they wanted. A little more than just 'inappropriate' would you say? Does the writer have any more garbage to post about the insurrection? Was he there?


How many times does he have to say bad or inappropriate. He also says that what happened right here in Kansas was an insurrection. What else do you want from him. He is simply informing the citizens on fact. But there seem aways those that will twist the truth Which is exactly what Mr. Hartman said.


Hay Hollowed Ground I forgot, what does this say? As my Hartman points out you forgot his quote from the above that is shown here "While I totally agree that the happenings in Washington were bad," You sir are a prime example of a propogandist. Now find fault with his call to protect fo ourrUnion which Mr. Hartman calls for at the end. Hollowed Ground my foot, you fail on all accounts.

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