Lyon County Public Health on Monday reported another 20 new positives of COVID-19, bringing its total number of active cases to 80 and 620 cases overall.

Public Health Officer Renee Hively said 12 of the 20 new positives were related to two long-term care facility clusters that were identified last week at Flint Hills Care Center and Holiday Resort.

The other eight were community positives — with two patients in their teens and the oldest in their 90s.

“A cluster is starting to surface with an activity of teenagers and pre-teens,” Hively said.

Five new recoveries were reported, bringing the county to 531 total recoveries and eight deaths. Two local patients are listed as hospitalized in unknown condition.

The county is currently tracking four active clusters within the community — two related to private industry and two related to long-term care facilities. There are nine active cases related to the private industry clusters and 28 active cases related to long-term care.

The local report comes as Kansas reported another bad week-long spike in COVID-19-related deaths and its total number of reported coronavirus cases rose past 26,000.

The state Department of Health and Environment said Kansas had another nine deaths since Friday, increasing the total for the pandemic by 2.8% to 335.

The state had 28 new reported deaths during the seven days ending Monday, an average of 4.0 a day for a new high mark since June 1. The worst seven-day average since the pandemic began was 5 for the seven days ending April 13.

The health department said Kansas had an additional 1,063 coronavirus cases since Friday, up 4.2% to 26,172. The number of cases is thought to be far higher because people can be infected without feeling sick and because of a lack of testing, particularly early in the pandemic.

Gov. Laura Kelly announced Monday that if numbers continue to track this way, she may push the state back into Phase 2 — which would once again see the closure of bars and limit gatherings to 15 people or less.

Meanwhile, the department said the median age for people infected in Kansas is now 37.

Hively said locally, there has been no significant change in age trends just yet, but said the community spread was related to social gatherings.

“We are starting to see clusters forming due to social gatherings,” she said. “At this time, our community should remember that everyone is susceptible to COVID-19. It has not gone anywhere. Make safe choices for yourself and those around you. Practice good hand hygiene, practice social distancing, wear a mask if you can, and cannot maintain 6-foot social distancing.”

Hively said practicing good hand hygiene, wearing masks or face coverings if you are able and maintaining social distancing guidelines were good ways to mitigate the spread.

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Hollowed Ground

Just because a bar is open does not mean you must be dumb and go to it. Avoid the maskless wherever they are.

Hollowed Ground

The goober guv of Tennessee just announced he would ignore all advice to close bars and places of gathering. All those hillbillies just gotta guzzle that beer and down that booze!


In regards to the coronavirus, from my perspective from "over the hill", it seems as though the younger generation has about as much respect for my future as my generation has shown for theirs... good luck


Don't worry guys, Republicans have assured me that kids don't spread it.


Omg, social gatherings leading to workers destroying all the nursing homes. Stay away from groups and wear your mask. It isn’t that hard but obviously we live in a country of rocket scientists!

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