One of the best ways for the United States to promote its form of democracy is to recruit students from other countries to study here. This is referred to as “soft power.” There is some evidence that over the last century, some foreign students returned to their country with a new motivation to move their system toward a more democratic system based in their history but inspired by their experiences here.

Times are changing. Many European students who now come from countries where everyone gets health care are puzzled by our unwillingness to provide equitable health care for all Americans. They also witness our growing rates of poverty, with one-third of our school children now being food insecure. Our recent foreign policy toward their countries has become one of economic threats.

More international college students arrive here to find much lower standards of living than they had assumed from the imported films and media about America that they had watched. Many are alarmed by the lack of U.S. economic development, especially in small towns and rural areas. More now finish their degrees and return to their home country where they often find opportunities are now greater than staying in the United States.

This year, Professor Yingyi Ma of Syracuse University released her in-depth interviews of Asian students who have come to the United States. In her book; “Ambitious and Anxious: How Chinese College Students Succeed and Struggle in American Higher Education,” she records one college student who came here thinking “Everything about the U.S. was ideal to me.” But she was soon disillusioned.

She continued: “I realize that ‘one person, one vote’ is not necessarily a good system at all. It might work sometimes, but it will not work for China. Even here [in America], such a system has not worked so effectively. Now Americans have to live with the Trump presidency. Everybody around me is complaining. I thought, ‘Hey, Trump was elected by the American people. What is wrong with you?”

The interviewer asks: “So you desired democracy before you came to the U.S.?”

She replies: “Certainly I did. I felt it was an equal and effective system. But now I do not think it will work for China.”

The interviewer asks: “Why not?”

She replies: “Because people are not as informed, and may not make good judgements. Look at Trump voters. Now they have to suffer from the bad choices they made and all the bad policies. Chinese leaders are not elected through a democratic system, but that does not mean they cannot govern well Even some Western scholars...consider Chinese society to be well governed.”

The pandemic has brought the incompetence of the current American system to the forefront.

A researcher from York University in Canada surveyed 19,816 people across 31 regions in China in April 2020, and summarized his results in “The Conversation.” Respondents were assured their responses would be anonymous. “Taken together, it’s evident that Chinese citizens hold very high levels of satisfaction with the performance of their national government during the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, surveys by Reuters/IPSOS show levels of American public confidence in our government’s handling of the pandemic to be much lower, about half the China number.

Of course some of this effect is not governmental but cultural. America is by far the most extreme in “collective individualism.” While many tolerated “no shoes, no service” policies, they consider requirements to wear a mask to protect other’s lives to be a violation of their “freedom.”

China on the other hand is an Asian collectivist-oriented society, and has been wearing masks each winter to protect others from colds and the flu, long before SARS and COVID-19 arrived. Sheltering in place in China for this serious pandemic did not require force or coercion; it is what you do in a crowded country. And it is why China has eliminated the coronavirus and returned to normal (except at certain entry points). Along with the collectivist cultures in democratic South Korea and Taiwan, their economies are back up and life is returning to normal.

“Soft power” requires leading by good examples. To outsiders, the U.S. is a bad example.

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KB Thomas

Gary, thank you for your service.

Gary Lukert

Don't you ever "thank me for anything!" Why don't you "thank Trump" for HIS NON-SERVICE


A huge thank you to gary luckert for his fantasic service, and believe me, President Trump also thanks you bigly for doing such an outstanding and terrific job.

KB Thomas

Gary Luckert Review: Letters Democrats Want New World Order.

Gary Lukert

Well, Trump has been the new world order. Also, that crap you say to watch, you know yourself it is filled with lies. That's all Republicans do, IS LIE.

Gary Lukert

LIES. KB, TRUMP IS THE ONE WITH "NEW WORLD ORDER." I do want you to know that when it comes to China and Trump--I am for China! AND, Trump went nowhere with Jon Un of North Korea. I rooted for Jon Un! We've had way more to fear from Trump than North Korea. Jon Un knew & knows Trump is a blatant liar.

KB Thomas

Aim high thank you for your comment on my service


Gary: As a learned individual such as yourself, perhaps you either forgot, were unaware of, or completely ignored the fact that Biden called our military troops "stupid bastards". Look it up--should not be too difficult to find. Bless your heart and have a nice day!!! MAGA

Comment deleted.

Bidens comments were made as a joke, he was talking about his "incredibly good judgement" in marrying his wife Jill and appointing (Carrie) Johnson to the academy... Carrie Johnson is the soldier who introduces Biden. After Biden says "clap for this", you can see the soldiers smiling and laughing. You can see the full unedited video for yourself here:

Bidens comments are around the 6 minute mark. The videos conservatives have been uploading had all the context edited out... saad!!

I believe when you're in the military and are in front of the Vice President giving a speech, all soldiers are on their "best behavior" as they are trying to avoid unwanted attention from their superiors... Maybe someone who has served can confirm this.

KB Thomas

The Holy Spirt woke me up at 2:30 this morning and stary at me on the internet was this video. Shocking Prophetic Timeline Reveals What's day ago. A number of years ago my father and I were playing golf and a 70 mile an hour came upon us and we could just hardly breathe and I started talking in tongues and we made it to the club house while many went to the hospital with hail damage. Years later my father a Baptist told someone, I think there is something to this talking in tongues. Praise God!!!


KB. I will just say thank you for your service, and truly hope you have a wonderful veterans day!

Gary Lukert

The Holy Spirit IS NOT Racist. Remember, Jesus said to give up everything and Follow him. Thus, I doubt there are any Republicans who would even come close to following Christ. Thus, nearly all "REPUBLICAN CHRISTIANS" are "storefront" Christians! Jesus never told anyone to "go back where you came from!" Actually, that's what Indians SHOULD TELL WHITES! There is no way a Christian can be a Republican! No Way. Oh, PROVE the Holy spirit talked with you...

Gary Lukert

Talking in tongues? Whew! A flock of'em sure flew over that time. KB, you are nothing!

KB Thomas

Anger is one letter short of dange Eleanor Roosevelt. What is right in the middle of Jesus ESU KB Thomas quote. Good night and God Bless.

Gary Lukert

You need help, but, actually, you are too far gone. Beyond help!

KB Thomas

Review: U.S. orders China to close Houston Consulste, Citing efforts to steal trade secrets......If Bejjing Joe gets elected, the China big shots will compromise him. The Communist have infiltrated America's education system through grants from elites like George Sorus and Foundations of the elite. These people are hell bent on promoting a New World Order. I think the Covid 19 viris was man made for such a time as this. A world Wide shut down could be on the elites agenda that will give big brother the total survalance that they have dreamed of for the last 100 years with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the graduated income tax. Review: The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen and None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen. These 2 videos and PDF 's are earth shacking.

Gary Lukert

OUR NATION'S DEMOCRACY IS OVER: Here's how I see things going. Trump and the Republicans will wind up getting the Election in the Supreme Court, and Trump will be declared the winner. By at least 5-4 vote, maybe 6-3. This has been Trump's and The Republican's plan all along...when they made sure that a Republican was quickly rushed through the Senate, to MAKE SURE THAT when the election got to the Supreme Court, Trump was guaranteed to stay in power. Trump will then do whatever he wants....with total capitulation of the Republicans. The Republican Senators are already Proven Liars---saying 4 years ago, that an opening in an ELECTION year should WAIT until the new president has been elected. HOWEVER, all but just one Republican Senator said the same thing this time. The Republican Senators MOST vocal 4 years ago, totally flipped...LIED...that the opening should be filled now. LINDSAY GRAHAM IS THE BIGGEST LIAR EVER IN THE WORLD!

Gary Lukert

I really fear for my personal safety...and for our country being overthrown by Trump, with eager Republican support. There will be violence. Think about it, people, is this the kind of country you want to live goes on in the Mid East and other parts of the world? Well, if what happens I fear, it will not "go down" peacefully, at all!


Gary, thank you for your service! I hope you have a wonderful veteran's day!

Gary Lukert

I do want you and everyone to know, that while I did serve 2 years in the Navy, I had a "cake walk." Including 18 months as an announcer in Armed Forces Radio. I was very lucky....but, also, it was in "cold war peace time", going on Active Duty 62 years ago today, November 11, 1958. I will never equate myself with those that were in combat. However, Trump disses those in Combat, whom were killed or captured. Called them suckers & losers. Also, I won't stand for the National Anthem, Won't Pledge Allegiance. Anyone doing that only saluting DONALD TRUMP, who was an Illegal Draft Dodger!

Gary Lukert



You're right: Trump will win. He has more than one avenue to the win.

The Supreme Court could 1) determine late votes are not permissible since the Constitution allows for only ONE day for an election to occur. The Pennsylvania state decision to allow for additional days will be argued and SCOTUS will decide on the side of the Constitution, or 2) determine there was enough fraud and null the election. If it's nulled then it goes to Congress.

States could hold a second vote so their electors have a clear winner. Republicans typically win these as well as recounts by hand.

Electors vote on Dec. 14. If they have no clear winner then it goes to Congress.

The election could be nulled because electors won't have a clear winner in more than one state. In this case the vote goes to the House of Representatives. You might think, "Well the democrats have a clear majority of the 475 congressmen. If it weren't so Nancy Pelosi wouldn't be the Speaker." Democrats DO have a majority in the House BUT they don't each get a vote. Instead each state gets ONE vote.

So how does each state vote? Well, the Constitution states the congressmen vote according to the majority of their state houses. The makeup of their state Congress will determine the result. And as it stands now, 30 of the states have Republican majorities. So Trump has a clear majority.

This is why we don't concede. Trump is the winner by a landslide which was stolen. The thievery is coming to light more and more as each day passes. One report indicated Trump recovered 2.7 million votes today alone from several recounts across the country.

I could post various websites of journalists who are reporting about the thievery but they aren't mainstream media because the MSM has chosen to deny any suggestion of impropriety. This is a 180 degree shift from their stance 4 years ago.

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