Plumb Place closed its doors on Dec. 31, 2020.

Items at Plumb Place home will soon be up for auction.

An auction set for 10 a.m. Oct. 2 will facilitated by J&D Auction Services LLC. at 224 E. 6th Avenue. J&D has a partial list of items on its website, including collectibles and books of Preston Plumb, a 19th century white marble top dresser and other antique furniture, Italian pottery, pictures, rugs, cookware, beds, flat screen TVs, tools, patio furniture and more. The home will be listed for sale separately, while all of the contents of the home are auctioned off. All of the proceeds go toward Plumb Place and the reestablishment needs of the agency.

“We just encourage the community who feels like they have a connection to Plumb Place or would like to support Plumb Place to come out to the auction and help start the agency off right with a good auction, and start raising funds to do what we need to do to find a new facility and hire staff and get to serving these women as soon as we can,” said Mickey Edwards, Plumb Place Steering Committee chair and United Way of the Flint Hills executive director. “There are some really great antiques that I’m sure that have been in the house for decades — really neat stuff.”

The steering committee’s focus in the last several months has been hiring 10-15 board members for the agency, which Edwards said have been filled and will be announced once cleared by the court.

The announcement of the auction comes after the steering committee recommended that Plumb Place remain as an agency, though not in its original form.

Under the original deed to the city, the house must be used for the welfare of women and girls, or the court could make an order that when sold, the proceeds go toward an agency providing those services.

Plumb Place provided a shelter for women until it closed Dec. 31, 2020 due to insolvency. The agency struggled with funding since 2018 — with alleged theft of $51,000 by a former employee — but there have been no charges. Pandemic fundraising cancellations and lack of grant funding contributed to its closure.

The steering committee has been working since January to reestablish the agency.

“I think we’ll have a very strong team of new board members,” Edwards said. “We’ve got some great experience as far as board experience goes, with personal experience as far as utilizing services in the past, some who have worked in similar non-profit fields. We have a really good selection that we are able to have on our board so that this agency is getting off to a pretty healthy start. Hopefully we see a new Plumb Place within the next year.”

Edwards said the committee will focus its efforts on women and children going forward.

“There’s been limited resources for women who have children in our community when it comes to housing services,” she said.

Plumb Place would address the need gap for women who do not fit into niche services already offered by the community, as the steering committee will make those recommendations to the new board.

“When we made our assessment of the community resources, it was clear immediately that we needed to add that service array for the new Plumb Place.”

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This the most sickening thing to occur to Emporia's women who are in need of housing help. Is there continuing investigation into the alleged embezzlement of $51K? Why is their board brand new? What happened to the old one? Is there some kind of community funding set up for this agency besides the auction of these items? There certainly should be. What's next for that building? Some rich contractor to take it over and turn it into some kind of special B & B for the privileged? Am I angry. You bet. Does the Gazette know of any other fund raisers for this agency? If so, please publish it so we can make contributions. A news article like this one should have been published long ago; then maybe more people could get behind the problem for a solution. Until now, I was unaware of this. I'm sick!


I a sick to my stomach. There was an investigation and the court decided there would be no charged.

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